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someone, please, just kill him

Are the End Times Nigh for Roger Goodell?

Hubris. Narcissist. Sociopath. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of the mess that Roger Goodell has created in his eight years as Commissioner of the National Football League. Goodell's career is on the fast-track

someone, please, just kill him

Super Bowl Drinking Game

You know the rules.  Drink every time: - Someone mentions that this is the first cold weather Super Bowl - Peyton says "Omaha" - Someone mentions that this Super Bowl is actually not taking place in New York but is being played in

saints seahawks

Saints vs Seahawks: 9 and 3 is a crowd

Oh there's just nothing like getting the snot kicked out of you on national television to send you into a crippling depression. I'll admit it Saints fans, I'm spoiled. I'm just not used to seeing OUR team get embarrassed anymore. What happened

eagles cardinals

Take THAT, Jaws!

Eagles 24, Cardinals 21, Sunday, December 1, 2013 Why did I title the post that? Because, for maybe the first time in recorded history, Ron Jaworski picked AGAINST the Eagles. And he was WRONG WRONG WRONG! Ha! The home winning streak stands


Bears vs Packers: Welcome to Heartbreak

Hey Fellow Chicks! Usually when I blog here, I write with the same general outline for every article. I want to give you all my perspective on the game,provide relevant stats from the game, highlight key players, & take a look forward