7 Minutes in Heaven with Deuce McAllister


Fred Taylor, Brian Westbrook, and Warrick Dunn are that rare breed of NFL player who do their talking on the field.  You won’t see them in endless commercials, or courting the media to watch their well choreographed touchdown dance, or trash talking their opponent on ESPN.  They represent the class of the game.  They’ve got a job to do and they get it done.  

We Saints fans have had a player like that for nearly seven years now.  He’s a country fella born and raised in Lena Mississippi who goes by the name of Deuce McAllister.   But the thing about “warrior players” like Deuce, is that their sword of class cuts both ways.  As a fan, you adore it.  You love knowing you won’t see them getting fined every week by the NFL or costing your team yardage in ‘personal foul’ or ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ penalties.  But as an interviewer trying to get some juice, dirt, or maybe even a little witty repartee, the strong, silent type vibe can be a killer.   

I recently got a taste of just that after a long awaited interview with the man himself.  I’ll admit, getting him to say anything other than the “canned sports dude answer” was like getting Michael Strahan to agree he needs braces.  He was obviously in his car when I called and multi-tasking in a way that assures me this wasn’t his first time answering and driving.  Still, I did manage to ask one question in the 7 minute phone call that made the baby-faced back laugh out loud. 

Below is my Q &A with a world class NFL stud who is big on talent but short on words.

Nola Chick:   So Deuce how are you recovering from the injury?

Deuce: I’m doing good, real good.

Nola Chick: Do you think you’ll be ready to play come the start of the season?

Deuce: Yeah, I’m doing real well.  I expect to be back.

Nola Chick: When you went down in that Titans game and realized your injury was bad, what were you thinking?

Deuce: It was tough.  You know, I’d put so much time and work into preparing for the season.  But I had to bounce back and stay focused on recovering for the Saints for 2008.

Nola Chick: Reggie Bush took a lot of heat in 2007 from the media and the fans.  Do you think that was a character building year for Bush?

Deuce: Yeah it was.  You know, he wants to play well and do well.   He’s working on improving and I think he’ll be fine for the upcoming season.

Nola Chick:  As you look at the new class of athletes at the combine, which running backs stand out? 

Deuce:  Darren McFadden (ARK) and Rashad Mendenhall (ILL) have great potential.  It’s all about whether they can get into the right system and be surrounded by the right guys.

Nola Chick:  Any advice for the rookies?

Deuce:  Stay humble, don’t get overwhelmed.  Hopefully they’ll have someone on the team who can help them out wherever they end up. (This would have been a great moment for me to ask him about how he played the part of role model for Reggie Bush and how Ricky Williams treated him like crap when he joined the Saints.  But I’m admittedly too star struck and I blow it.) 

Nola Chick: What should the Saints focus on in the off-season?

Deuce:  Well, we just need to focus on defense and upgrade positions on both the defensive and offensive sides. (At this point I’m tempted to say, “Oh just say it.  Our corners suck.”  But again, I chicken out.) 

Nola Chick:  The Saints had a sort of disappointing year last season.  What’s the plan to bounce back? 

Deuce:  Our ultimate goal is to get back into the playoffs.  Once we do that, anything’s possible.

Nola Chick: So when you’re at the games, I’m sure you’ve heard the chants of “Deuce up side your head…I said Deuce upside your head” and “Deuuuuucccceee!!!”  Which do you prefer?  (Thanks to Chef Who Dat for that insightful inquiry)

Deuce: I don’t really have a preference.   I just want to stay focused on doing my job.  (Oh c’mon Deuce, throw me a freakin’ bone here!) 

Nola Chick:  But doesn’t it motivate you when you hear the crowd?

Deuce: Oh yeah, definitely.  It’s great when the crowd gets into it.

Nola Chick:  So rumors are swirling all over the internet that you’re engaged.  Is it true?  Have you set a date?

Deuce: (He chuckles for a few moments…yay!)  You know, I kinda like to keep my personal life personal.

Nola Chick:  (Giggling.)  That’s probably a good move.   

(Translation: Sorry ladies. We hear the much anticipated nuptials will take place next week.)

So no breaking news, no dirt, no scandal…just a straight up interview with a straight up guy whose classiness isn’t just for show.  And you know what, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

 For more Q&A with Deuce that we didn’t ask because someone else already did, check out the “get to know Deuce” section of his website.  We promise it will make you love him more!

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  1. I was one of the original buzzers of “Deuce Up Side Your Head” with Chef, sitting right below him for 2 full seasons. That chant really puts the sting into opposing defenses.

  2. I read his page: What music is on your i-pod?
    A complete mix of everything, but I prefer R&B and Old School

    Old School – just like me! I knew he was perfect.

  3. Not to many people knew that chant before me. (9/25/06)

  4. He is getting married to Danielle Tipton. April 5th in New Orleans, LA.

    They have been dating for a few years now. He conviently rfers to her as his friend….go figure.

  5. I think it’s good to refer to your lifetime partner as “a friend.” You have to trust the person, wholeheartedly, before marrying them…so why not start off being friends?

    Congrats to him and the wifey!

  6. Jeez-us. Didn’t know that we gotta crash two weddings this year — was thinking we had a few more weeks to prep for Stevie G. If Deuce says he has no preference for the chant while on a phone interview, we’ll just have to find out for ourselves in person. Any takers for a stakeout, outside the church, with two groups, one chanting “Deuuuuuuuuuce.” and the other chanting “Deuce upside ya head”?

    The group whose ass gets kicked first loses.

  7. i’m all in. I’ll be in the “deuce upside your head” group and keep my fingers crossed he wouldn’t hit a girl in public. Oh and chef, you have to know how amazingly fun it was to try and get that question out with bursting into fits of laughter….
    @jwd: consider yourself one of the lucky ones to have been there when “upside your head” was born.

  8. saints26 says:

    He trusts her alright?!?!??!?

  9. Obviously…enough to marry her. With all the wealth, fame, fortune, I would hope and pray that he does trust her. I know if I was in his shoes, I wouldn’t want to divorce her and give her half of EVERYTHING! Heck no!

  10. who can really trust anyone these days…celebrity or not?! But I love that Dyme would hold the marriage together for financial reasons. LMAO!

  11. ladysaint504 says:

    what is a dyme? Sorry, I’m a little slow.

  12. ladysaint504 says:

    ohwait! never mind I figured it out on my own! I read through the thread. cool!

  13. Okay, Chef, Chick, we can do this in JAX MISS. At camp.

  14. PS – I’ll bring my 9 year old in her sling. Deuce wouldn’t hit her, she can be our ringer.

  15. She’s one of those types who is an ASPIRING model/actress (hint, hint)….his future wife that is!

  16. Sorry sweetie…I’m an aspiring attorney! By the way, I’m almost there! I’m sure his future has much better things to be doing rather than fishing for information on the man she loves! (I hope)

    A dyme (in the N.O.) is referred to as a pretty girl! Fine, or what have you!

    And I’m definitely holding this marriage together! Deuce is too sweet for someone to just come in and mess over him…so I’m sure he’s done his homework before deciding to marry her. He didn’t just jump into this marriage, the relationship has been in progress for some time now.

  17. So are you the future wife defending her future husband?lolol

    Good way to practice if you are an aspiring attorney!

    Go you!

  18. ladysaint504 says:

    yeah she is doing this low budget dolamite movie! WHOAAA! GOOGLE HER!

  19. I believe she aspires to be an actress, not an attorney.

  20. Yea, you are correct. She ASPIRES to be an actress…far from being an attorney. Someone (such as dyme) on the path to being an attorney clearly has a game plan for life and has some sort of decency about themselves.

  21. @ seester: i’ll bring the rice and black and gold spray paint!
    @264:uh oh, is there a hater in the house? 😉
    I hestitate to imply this woman has no decency about herself. Maybe she just hasn’t gotten her big break or maybe she’s just a bad actress.
    Either way, I’m starting to truly grasp why Deuce likes to keep his personal life personal!

  22. Agreed.

  23. No not hating, just stating my opinion. Deuce is a class act. With that being said, there are just some things that you just don’t do and I feel that the movie was one of them.

    Professional decency is what I was referring to.

  24. Poohbear says:

    It is official now! Mr. and Mrs. McAllister.

  25. saints26 says:

    Congrats Deuce and Danielle McAllister!

  26. Congrats to Deuce on remaining a Saint!

  27. broham63 says:

    A few notes what do you think actors/actresses start out doing? Remember Halle berry was a crackhead in her first movie. Danielle was also the star in the American Idol Video game commercial that aired nationally on VH1 and MTV. Also a scholarship athlete, so don’t worry the Deuce is in good hands. GEUAX SAINTS!!!!!

  28. 264ever says:

    There is no comparision to the movie that Mrs. McAllister was in vs. the movie that Halle Berry played a crackhead in….none at all.

    She is in good hands with Deuce you mean….GEAUX SAINTS!


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