The Kiggie Bunch?

If the mere notion of a Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian union makes you want to slice out your spleen, I can only imagine what body parts you’ll attack when you hear this: Kim Kardashian wants to have SIX mutha *bleep*in’ babies with that man!

I was floored when I discovered that a) she could count all the way up to six and b) we could one day see her stomach sticking out as far as her ass does.

“The tush” dropped the bombshell on her baby mama fantasies in an interview with Fox News at a VH1 Save the Music event. She also says she and Reggie will start talking seriously about a possible wedding after the football season. I now only have one question.  If this sick “six kids, Brady Bunch-esque” dream comes true, can I play the part of Alice and bang my boss? 




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  1. Oh no you di’int!

    Alice?!? Puhlease. Never touched her, I swear. My only mistress was my t-square.

    Ask Carol, she’ll tell you. Just as soon as Peter gets finished with her. Oh I am so gonna beat that kid….

  2. the t-square? oh my! dare i ask which end you used on special occasions?

  3. You got a good shot of getting some action Alice.
    Reggie better go down to DOT and get his class C
    He is going to be driving an even wider load after 6 kids. she is going to need mirrors to back that thing up.


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