One-on-One with Marvelous Marques

You don’t have to be a football expert to know there’s nothing “endorsement deal-worthy” about going 252nd in the draft. In fact, few fans find themselves getting hot and bothered over any team’s 7th overall pick. So how is it that in 2006, smack dab in the middle of Reggie Bush mania, a relative unknown by the name of Marques Colston brought sexy back to the New Orleans Saints?

In his rookie year, Colston didn’t just find himself up against the Hollywood hype of Reggie but in the shadow of the Saints’ premiere wide receiver, “Hollywood” Horn. But it didn’t take long for Marques to create his own “Hollywood-worthy” story. In 2006, he racked up over 1,000 receiving yards, averaged more than 14 yards a reception, and scored 8 touchdowns. He also played a crucial role in helping the Saints climb their way all the way to a club first: the NFC championship game. (I can remember the “mini-gasms” that came with that feat as if they were yesterday…)

Since then, Colston’s not only come out of the shadows of the NFL elite, but he’s casting his own. He is the only rookie in Saints history to go over 1,000 yards receiving. In 2007, he celebrated a Pro-Bowl caliber year, 1,200 yards, 98 receptions, and 11 touchdowns. If he were the Chad Johnson type, he’d be spending this offseason plotting his next outrageous touchdown celebration dance. But he’s not that type. There are no T.O.-style shirtless news conferences in his future, no sideline temper tantrums. In fact, you’d almost think that despite his headline-grabbing success, modest Marques is just as humble as his Hofstra days.

Just one month ago, I scored my ultimate football fantasy, a chance to go one-on-one with shy guy Marques. He’s a man of few words, but I managed to squeeze out more than a few tidbits on everything from his game day rituals to his new business venture involving another football team.

Nola Chick: So now that Joe Horn’s gone, you’re kinda like the new leader among the wide receiving corps. Are you comfortable with that role?
Marques Colston: Joe and I have very different styles. He’s a more vocal guy, more in the forefront. But I’m ready to do everything I’m expected to do and I’m definitely ready to take on a leadership role.
NC: How do you feel about the defensive acquisitions?
MC: These young guys are anxious to get out there. I think we’ve really addressed the things we needed to address.
NC: I hear you’re now the co-owner of a team in the American Indoor Football Association. (The team will be in Harrisburg, PA.) What’s it like to be on the “other side”?
MC: The team starts in 2009 but so far it’s been a good experience. There hasn’t been a lot to do yet, but it’s good to experience the business side of things.
NC: What’s your take on New Orleans?
MC: I love the whole vibe. It’s a great place to live. I love the food, but I can’t really eat too much of it.
NC: Have you ever been to Jacques-imos? (I think that restaurant owes me a finder’s fee at this point…)
MC: No.
NC: I’ve said this before to one of your teammates. You gotta get to Jacques-imos. You should go on a team trip and once you’ve experienced it, you’ll all have me to thank.
MC: And then we’ll blame you when we gain weight.
NC: Yikes! On second thought, I don’t want anything to do with that! Alright, time to change the subject.
What’s your game day “get-hype” ritual?
MC: Well, I usually listen to R&B on my way to the game.
NC: (School girl giggle: activate) Like…smooth R&B?
MC: Like 70s R&B. I actually downloaded the O-Jays this morning.
NC: What about once you get to the game?
MC: (Young) Jeezy…hype music.
NC: So then it’s time to get crunk?
MC: Yeah!
NC: So are you ever the hype man in the middle of the circle getting everybody pumped?
MC: Nah, you’ll probably find me somewhere way outside the middle of the circle.
NC: (Blushing) Marques are you shy?
MC: No, I’m not shy, I’m just not a big talker. I’m a real laid back guy.
NC: What’s one thing fans don’t know about you?
MC: I’m a couch potato. Most times you’ll find me just sitting on the couch playing video games.
NC: Madden?
MC: Nah, the newer Madden is too hard to play. I’m mainly into basketball games.
NC: Would you ever be on the cover of Madden?
MC: (Laughing) I don’t want to believe in the curse. But I won’t try my luck.

Ain’t he swell? And purty too! Oh, and did I mention he’s also a humanitarian? Marques established Colston Charities in 2006 to help neglected, abused, and underprivileged children. The football stud not only auctions off his personal belongings to raise money for the charity, but he also hosts an annual celebrity golf outing.

Who needs another Hollywood-type when you’ve got a set of good hands, ripped abs, and a big heart? (The broad shoulders don’t hurt either…but you get the picture…)

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  1. Mr. Touchdown says:

    Marques is the modern day Jerry Rice. ALL business.

  2. So Chic says:

    So nice…is he single? LOL….good men are soooo hard to come by.

  3. good question so chic. i’m always too chicken to ask these players about their dating lives b/c i don’t want them to think it’s the only reason i’m interviewing them. but let’s just say he’s way too adorable to still be on the market!

  4. LOL…you’re probably right.

  5. My all-time favorite picture of any football player, ever.

  6. so true holly…so true. (although I gotta say, they could have lost a few more of those towels….but that’s just me)

  7. I agree NolaChick…too many towels, great interview!

  8. I know I am a little late responding to this wonderful interview you had with the BEST receiver N.O. has ever seen!!
    I am a huge fan of Marques and have been ever since he step foot onto that field and threw his talent down……I was totally mesmerized!! I love the fact of how humble he is…..when he drops the ball in the end zone and throws it up to his pops just confirms how awesome he is….I would love to see him do more interviews, he is such a talented football player and he is well…like he said in your interview (which I’m so jealous of :)
    he is laid back ……but throw us females an interview please 😉
    With that said…his website is awesome……I joined a few years ago and its a great place to cyber-stalk him…LOL…I’m so just kidding…..I’m way to shy to even go there!!!!

  9. hahaha! thanks hollie! We’re not ashamed to cyber stalk! And yes, he’s awesome all the way around

  10. No problem, I just ran across your website and man you did an awesome job…its now on my favorites!!!!! I bet he is awesome and that is why I am jealous….hehe…oh I screwed up, his website is…..which I am sure you know!!!!
    Have you ever been given the chance to chat with Deuce or Darren Sharper…man that guy cracks me up!!
    Also it would be neat to see you interview Shockey…….he is from Oklahoma and so am I!!

    So, good job and pray that we finally make it to the superbowl after 47 years of not!!!!

    Just one last question….how did you land an interview with the “Quiet Storm”


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