Sedrick Ellis FINALLY Signs…

And to that, the Chicks have only one thing to say…

So here’s the scoop:

-The 1st round pick signed a 5-year contract worth $49 million, with $19 million in guarantees. (The fan in me is nearly bursting with excitement while the gold digger in me is already plotting a healthy divorce settlement…)

-He’ll have to fulfill a number of benchmarks in order to get all of the loot
-He should take part in Saints training camp as early as this afternoon.

This is a joyous day Saints fans. If I weren’t already drunk from a post-work happy hour, I’d drink to this news. Oh what the hell…

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  1. He better get his outta shape butt in here.

    Coach is gonna have him running gassers just to catch up to Hollis.
    Hollis is looking svelte.

    well svelte, for Hollis, at least.

  2. If Hollis is svelte, then I’m in supermodel form.

  3. lol! I’d personally like to think of Hollis as “Big Sexy” and Ellis as “Big-Boned”

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