Supporting the Saints: My Cardinal Sin

For the past few weeks, I’ve been enduring an unspeakable nightmare known as Bar exam preps. All the while, I had one bright light guiding me through a dark tunnel of despair: preseason football. The first game of interest will pit my beloved Cardinals against my sexy, new love interest, the New Orleans Saints. And all the action is going down right in my backyard. Oh HELL yeah!

Although it’s only the preseason, I’m really looking forward to this match up. It’s gonna be a good one folks! Both teams are on a mission. The Saints are rebounding from a disappointing season while the Cards look to FINALLY do anything worth anyone’s interest and make it past regular season. It’s my belief that there’s no reason (ABSOLUTELY NO REASON IN THE WORLD) why either team shouldn’t reach their goals.

While the Saintly side of me can’t wait to see an explosion of offense from my boys in black and gold, the Desert chick in me is desperate for defensive domination from the Cardinals! So, I’ve decided to let my split fan- personalities dual it out over the outcome of this week’s preseason action.

The Saintly Half: For the Saints, there are so many unanswered questions. Is our beloved Deuce able to hold on for another season? If not, are Reggie Bush and baby Deuce Pierre Thomas ready to step up? Is Marques Colston going to dominate again this year? Is Meachem finally going to set foot on the field? Is Jeremy Shockey the missing piece to one hell of an offensive puzzle?

The Cardinal Half: Save the drama for your mama! The Cardinals have a newly improved defensive a.k.a. Double Trouble. Two-time Pro-bowl Safety Adrian Wilson will be pairing up with former first round corner turned safety Antrel Rolle.

Saintly Half: Truth is, this defensive duo isn’t quite ready to bring the pain. Rolle still has a learning curve to overcome and Wilson’s coming off of a season ending injury. With that being said, Saints TE Jeremy Shockey & Co. should have no problem manhandling the Card’s secondary. Get er done boys!

Cardinal Half: Look for Card’s rookie RB Tim Hightower to get significant play time and I warn ya, this little dude is HUNGRY. Oh, and I gotta keep it real, if the Saints’ RBs aren’t focused, their run game will struggle. That Cards front four is no joke Mr. Fancy Pants Reggie.

Saintly Half: So glad you brought up defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints’ D ranks top in the NFC and possibly the entire League this season. From Jonathan Vilma, to Randall Gay (is it ok to just call him Gay) to Sedrick Ellis, the Saints have added some surefire defensive weapons. They’re singing the praises of Vilma down at Millsaps as he reclaims that infamous rookie form. Considering that Arizona’s run game, led by the aging Edgerrin James, leaves a lot to be desired, Vilma and Scott Fujita should have a field day.

Cardinals Half: Watch out for two-time pro-bowl WR Anquan Boldin. Boldin has a HUGE chip on his shoulder and is out to prove his worth and catch the fancy of another team. Boldin and teammate Larry Fitzgerald pair to make one of the league’s top receiving corps. They just might give the Saints’ secondary a run for their money. You sure Mr. Gay is ready to bend over and take it?

Saintly Half: Grow up! Besides, you gotta love “da Big Easy-Breezy” Drew Brees and the steady leadership he brings to the field. The Cards don’t have a clear starting QB…although we presume it’s Reggie’s BFF Matt Leinart. If this is true, I bet ya Leinart’s name is written in pencil on the depth chart (soft lead # 1 and not #2. One false move and he’s outta there.) The Card’s lack of leadership combined with other internal disasters issues (Anquan Boldin) may lead to the team’s downfall. Got to have team cohesiveness! Dare I say it…Super bowl ‘09 people, Geaux Saints!

Cardinal Half: Geaux f**k yourself!

Desert Chick’s Prediction: Saints 28 Cards 21

Cardinals Notables
The Cards signed LBs Travis LaBoy (formerly of the Titans) and Clark Haggens (formerly of the Steelers)…look for these two old heads to bust some moves. Also, undrafted rookie Ali Highsmtih promises to knock some heads…he’s another one with a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Saints Notables
Wendell Hollis can get it…well, if I were that kind of girl! Check out the last few minutes of this clip (shout’s out to my BFF for sending me the link!)

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  1. Desert Chick says:

    NEWS FLASH….IT’S OFFICIAL! After a horrific experience at Card’s camp..filled with your standard sexism and inappropriate conduct…I’m officially retiring my passion for the Card’s GEAUX SAINTS! And no, I’m no Favre…this ish is for real and forever!

  2. tired of kiggie says:

    Deuce will be able to bring it on home for us this year as he almost did in 2006!


  3. oooohhh! drama at cardinals camp! do tell!

  4. RedBoyds says:

    Sorry to hear that, What went wrong at the cards camp, I’ve been enjoying the time spent though Sat. Scrimmage was more than I expected- the Weekdays are nice, no crowds

  5. RedBoyds says:

    p.s Deuce is a tough soul, but I believe we have seen his best days, I know his 04 campaign surprised everyone, rarely if ever does a back produce the next year following a knee surgery, Dont expect it-

  6. Uh, I believe he did produce after his first surgery. Think back just a little.

  7. RedBoyds says:

    So Chic-As stated; 2004 was a surprise year because 03 he blew out his knee- Like i said, I dont expect it.
    It’s OK sister , sometimes we have to face facts and realize that all good things must come to an end..
    Saints as a Team I expect good things from this year

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