Deuce-olution #26


“We the people of the Black and Gold Nation, in order to form a more perfect season, establish a running game, ensure a 3rd and 1 conversion, provide for the common D-Fence, promote general drunkeness, and secure the Blessings of Saint Reliable Cornerback, do ordain and establish this Deuce-olution for the remaining 2008 Saints season:  Give Dulymus the damn ball!”

Chicks in the Huddle, hereby representing the fans of the New Orleans Saints football team, announce the Declaration of Deuce-olution #26. This Deuce-olution calls for an official “Deuce Out” beginning this Sunday, September 28th in the Superdome.

We’re spreading the word about an underground, yet growing plan to have all fans show up to this week’s game against the 40-whiners decked out in their most “Deuce-tacular” #26 gear. Bring us your McAllister jerseys, your “Deuce is Loose” t-shirts, your “Set the Deuce Loose” signs, your “Dulymus is Dynomite!” banners and every other piece of Deuce-tastic paraphenalia at your disposal. The mission: to send a message loud and clear that our main man Mcallister can no longer sit on the sidelines while we lose games by 1 yard.

The Black and Gold Patrol has spoken, the Chicks have answered the call to be a mouthpiece of the people, so the question remains: Will you speak for the legion of the Deuce or the douche?

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  1. Engage in all manner of deucebaggery!


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