Embracing the Sounds of the Fat Lady

3 days, 5 glasses of wine, 2 vodka cranberries, and 1 hour of church after the Saints’ crushing overtime loss against the Bears, the Chicks have started to accept the fact that our season is over. Without going into graphic detail, let’s just say “acceptance” feels a little something like this:

The Saints are out of the playoff hunt, the Falcons are on a roll, and my fantasy team is pretty much crashing and burning as I type. I’m so annoyed with football right now, I actually allowed myself to watch that dreadful Katie Holmes movie “The First Daughter” during the Steelers Ravens game. 30 minutes in, I realized the only person I was punishing was me.

I can wallow in negativity about this for months, but I won’t. That formula hasn’t boded well for me in the past. So instead, I’ll focus on the “positives” of ending a season 8-8 at best. Think of it as a trip to optimism-ville. Join me, won’t you…

1. We now know just how badly our defense needs help. No, seriously.

2. Ed Reed will be a free agent after this season.

3. We now know we have to/can establish the run.

4. The economy will have bounced back next year, just in time for me to afford a trip to Miami to watch my Saints in the Super Bowl.

5. I’d much rather go to a Super Bowl in Miami than stupid Tampa Bay. I spit on Tampa Bay.

6. If the Saints resign Jonathan Vilma, they won’t get a first round pick. And thanks to the Shockey trade, they lose their second and fifth picks too. On a positive front…um…I got nothing.

7. Whoever ends up last in the NFC South typically has a stellar year the next season. Go 2009 Saints! Whoo hoo!!!

8. Hmm…(tapping keyboard) Um…If the Saints win the Super Bowl in 2009, they’ll be more inclined to extend their contract with the state past 2010 cuz they know ticket sales will be insane. Sounds likely, right?

9. Our players have a whole 8 months to get healthy! Yaaaay!

10. There’s a good chance that in 2009, Chicago won’t appear anywhere on our schedule.

See, it’s not that bad. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

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  1. Never fear, Nola. No chance on losing the 1st round pick. Loomis has made that pretty clear. For some reason, nobody seems to really have a handle on EXACTLY what the deal is, but the upshot is that as long as the Saints allow Vilma to become a free agent, the Saints swap their 3rd for the Jets’ 4th. Nothing escalates beyond that. So all the Saints have to do is to use their “exclusive negotiating” time to reach a deal, but wait until day 1 of free agency to finalize it.

    Now all they have to do is find a trade down partner for that 1st.

    I’m pretty optimistic about next year too. Hey, what choice do we have?

  2. wow…now my brain really hurts. instead of trying to think, i’ll just reiterate a “Woo Hoo! Go 2009 Saints!”

  3. Ed Reed? Too old.

  4. not if the price is right. i’ll take an old ed reed over any of our young corners any day of the week. lest we forget paw paw broke his own record just this year for interception returns. he’s also tied for second in interceptions this year. i’m just sayin…

  5. Barefoot Saints says:

    Lets get healthy, get in sync, and get happy – woo hoo – 2009!!! I cant wait for the schedule to come out so I can pick the game i am planning my pilgrimage around next year :) But – I will end this on a happy note- came home from my pilgrimage this year (raiders game on my birthday) PREGNANT. GEAUX SAINTS!!!

  6. omg!!!! that’s so exciting! can i make some name suggestions?

    pierre, colston, or sedrick or Payton if it’s a boy

    Jeff Garcia if it’s a girl.

  7. Monty Beaver says:

    Naaaw. No trade. Taylor Mays out of USC is 6’4″! 225! He is a beast. He is pretty much tasked with preventing the deep ball every game, which is just what we need. We’ve got Roman Harper to stop the run, and I still don’t think he’s terrible (know I’ll take some shit for that).

    This kid is just what we need to stop, oh, say, Roddy White? Dwayne Bowe? Any receiver over 6 feet?

  8. Barefoot Saints says:

    Ha Ha Ha – Drew is one of the names of choice right now… I like payton for a girl or boy- give me some more girl choices (just in case). And NO Jeff Garcia or Griese at the NC Barefoot Saints household!!! This is a great sign of 2009 – and due right before the begining of preseason!!!!!

  9. I think Taylor Mays would most certainly be a sexy…I mean, er…smart addition to our team.

    Drew’s a good pick barefoot Saints…for a guy or girl. or how about Taylor…as a tribute to our future safety taylor mays?

  10. Glad to hear you’ll make the Super Bowl between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Carolina Panthers in 2009.

    Yes Ed Reed will be a free agent. Pull out the pocketbook Dallas.

    And yes the Saints tapping their toes in the 2009 NFL Playoffs will boost the already sold out sale of tickets.

  11. Wait a minute Jake…are we agreeing on something?! I hail this as a momentous occassion!!!

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