The Who Dat Pack’s Super Bowl Picks: Part 2


“In the NFL fan nation, the New Orleans Saints (and those other teams) are examined by two separate yet equally important groups: The experts who spend years learning stats, analyzing players, and interviewing coaches and the bloggers who don’t do any of that stuff yet still feel just as smart. The Who Dat Pack represents the latter. These are our stories.” *Boom Boom*

So far, it’s Cardinals 2, Steelers 0. But will that change when the remaining members of “The Who Dat Pack” make their Super Bowl picks?

Dave of Canal Street Chronicles
If you had asked me who I wanted to win I would have told you the Cardinals.. I’m a sucker for an underdog and as a Saints fan, you’ve got to root for the team whose making their first trip to the big dance. I would certainly want the country pulling for the Saints if and when that time ever comes. A win would also take the Cardinals out of the running for most pathetic football franchise ever, a race in which the Saints are still in the running.

However, you want a prediction and if money was on the line I would have to pick the Steelers. I think they are the fundamentally stronger team that just knows how to win. Though the Cardinals have really stepped it up in the post season, their regular season performance was unimpressive. I think the Cardinals get knocked down to earth in this one. Steelers 33, Cardinals 17

Kevin of Hakim Drops the Ball
As John Bender would say, “Let’s end the suspense.” Cardinals 34, Steelers 21. I’m rooting with my heart and not my head, obviously. Sure, I could sit here and try to eloquently state that the Cardinals’ winning a Super Bowl gives hope to Saints fans everywhere. That if the woeful franchise out west can find success, surely our dour crew near the bayou can also reach the promised land, right? Well, I’m not out to express such sympathies today. Sure, I’m pulling for you, Cardinals fans. Just know that I’m rooting more AGAINST the Pittsburgh Steelers than FOR the Arizona Cardinals. Why, you might ask?

See, when I said was picking with my heart, I should add that, when it comes to my loathing of the Steelers, my heart is blacker than the Saints’ home jerseys. I have nothing but contempt for that team. Sure, I respect what Dan Rooney has done for the league and I admire Mike Tomlin’s ability to both look like Omar Epps (f*ck you, Simmons, EVERYBODY knows that!) and successfully bring an experienced team back to the Super Bowl, but I still hate the Steelers.

Again, you’re probably asking, “Why?”

For that, sufficient back story is needed:

I used to work at a television station in New Orleans a few years ago. The news director at my former employer is a HUGE jackass. (Emphasis mine.) This guy is about as effective a leader of people as Rod Marinelli, but a complete and utter prick. Now, I’m not saying who this guy is, but I will say this: he LOVES the Pittsburgh Steelers. Repeat: he LOVES the Pittsburgh Steelers. As far as I know, the man was not born in Pittsburgh or any suburb whereabouts. He has no relatives in that part of the country. This turd has lived in New Orleans all of his life, I think. So…this guy decided back in the day that he was going to support the Pittsburgh Steelers (probably around the 70s, I bet), even though this city had its own franchise. Yeah, it sucked, but still…

Oh, and he was one of the “brain trust” that decided when the Saints were going to the NFC Championship a few years ago to call his station’s coverage of said event, “Black and Gold to the Super Bowl.” Yeah, nothing like a good ol’ media jinx on your favorite football team from a guy who could give two shits.

So not only do I root against the Steelers this Sunday, but I also hope this fucker gets out of his Lazy Boy after the game, wipes the Dorito crumbs off his shirt, and then promptly slips and breaks his fucking hip. F*ck that guy and his precious “Steel Curtain.”

Is this an utterly childish and petty way of supporting and/or rooting against a team? Absolutely. But damn it, this is the world of sports; where else can a man foist his childish behaviors/hatred/bias with little or no repercussion?
The fellas at Canal Street Chronicles have weighed in and Kevin…well Kevin just barely came out of his shell to tell us how he really feels about Sunday’s matchup. But what about the Chicks??? Where do our alliances lie? While we’re sure you don’t care, we’ll say stay tuned anyways. The answer may not be as clear as you think…

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