Easy Come, Easy Go!

13 undrafted free agents minus 2 douchebags equals a relatively efficient post-draft offseason for the Saints. Biren Ealy, a.k.a Capt. Flash-a-Wang, and and Kolo Kapanui, b.k.a. Sgt. I.P. Freely, have both been released from the team after their weekend arrests. The pine riders were booked Sunday morning on charges of lewd conduct, obscenity, and disturbing the peace after a drunken incident in a New Orleans suburb.

Luckily, the Loomis doesn’t close a door without opening a window. Three more undrafted free agents have been signed, bringing the total to 13. The new additions include running back Herb Donaldson, Kent State offensive tackle Augustus Parrish and Louisville wide receiver Chris Vaughn.

Donaldson had previously agreed to terms with the team. (You can get a breakdown on his potential impact courtesy of Saint Louis Chick.) As for Parrish and Vaughn, they could face a much steeper road earning roster spots. Parrish will compete against fellow rookie Kenneth Harris of UGA among others. And Vaughn faces a training camp tussle with another Georgia Peach, Clark -Atlanta’s Sam McNaulty.

The Saints will hold their annual rookie minicamp this weekend. Meanwhile, the countdown to training camp can officially begin. Sno-balls and Saints players…gotta love summers in New Orleans.

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