Sweet Tweets

We’re stalking the NFL stars on Twitter, so you’ll have more time to obsessively update your Facebook status.

CPT23 a.k.a Pierre Thomas“Just got done running – Saints are here and its our year! Who dat!”

(Who Dat indeed Pierre!)

The RealJShock a.k.a Jeremy Shockey“going tp my friend lanes house for bbq…. its Miami swimsuit fashion… what a great city..”

(Whatever you do dude, Just make sure you stay hydrated…)

Drew Brees“Went on a USO trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba a few weeks ago. Unbelievabe trip. The troops out there a doing a great job. We appreciate you.”

(And we appreciate you Drew!)

Sharper42 a.k.a Darren Sharper“In philanthropy one shouldn’t wear a catchers MIT on both hands, you need to be able to throw back hands”

(Damn Sharper. You’re deep…I guess?)

TerrellOwens81 a.k.a T.O.“Sittin frnt row @ espys anddddd we’re havin technical difficulties!! Samuel is being a good sport about it tho!”

(Hmm, T.O. recognizes when someone’s being a good sport. Interesting…)

OGOchoCinco (a.k.a Chad Johnson) @terrellowens81– “when you finish with the Lil Hollywood ESPY thing you know where to find me, twittertainment my ass!”

(Gotta love trash talk between two narcissists!)

Mark_SanchezOn the way to the ESPYs. Psyched to sit w/ all these great athletes. Should be fun. Ill keep you posted.

(Must feel like graduating from lunch behind the school bus to sitting at the cool kid’s table. Cute!)

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  1. reading football player’s tweets are strangely amusing…

    this morning I had inspirational and motivational “gems” from Aaron Maybin

    donte whitner addressed his haters…and thanked his followers

    t.o. alternates between telling us how much fun he’s going to have that night and exchanging “are you ready for the season man, let’s go!”-type tweets with the teammates

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