T. O. My!

terrell owens nude pic promo For all you chicks who perhaps didn’t consider watching Terrell Owens’ new reality show because a) you think he’s a pretentious jerk b) you’re more of a “Brooke Knows Best” kind of girl or c) you gave up cable about 2 months into the recession, we may have found one powerfully persuasive promo that just might change your mind. Let’s just say it exposes a side of T.O. we’d all like to see a lot more of in prime time…or ANY time for that matter.

It’s the bad boy in the buff. And while we could go on and on about it, we’re too busy drooling to uh…um…what were we talking about again?

Gotta love a little male exploitation every once and awhile. We’re loving that T.O.’s not afraid to flaunt what he’s got. In fact, we encourage more NFL players to show off they’re *ahem* harder sides. (That means you Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, Tom Brady, Matt “Rot that Bench” Leinart,Tony Romo, Jason “No, you’re not too old to still get it” Taylor, Mark Sanchez, Troy Polamalu, and uh…well, shall we go on?)

Want more sneak peeks at T.O.’s goodies? Check out his supersized, uh…trailer below.

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  1. Just heard that T.O. is dating model Jessica White. Not the biggest T.O. fan in the world, but damn, they make one good-lookin’ couple…


  1. […] website’s no stranger to ogling hotties. Give us a few shirtless shots of Terrell Owens or Reggie Bush and we’ll give you a story that’s long on pictures and short on words. […]

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