Hit it and Quit it…like a Bill

DSC_0052--nfl_medium_540_360I fully expected the first “Hit it and Quit it” of the season to have a whole lot of “Quit its” and…well, possibly no “Hit its” at all. Yeah, I know I’m always the first one to give the Bills a chance no matter what the situation or odds…but it was hard–even for me–to convince myself that MNF against the Pats wouldn’t be a total blowout. Well, I was totally wrong and I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Let’s hit it and quit it!

Hit it! Fred Jackson. I just want to say: thank you! You brought me back to the good ol’ days of Travis Henry when we actually had a running back that could find holes, make plays and adapt. I love Marshawn (and his name) but keep this up and Marshawn Lynch might be sitting out for a few more than three games.

Quit it! Leodis McKelvin. Yes, we all make mistakes and it’s just a game but this particular game was the chance for the Bills to come up with one of the biggest upsets in history–and to everyone’s surprise, we were just minutes away from pulling it off. Until you just had to get that extra yardage late in the fourth quarter and in the process, lost us the ball and the game. My mother admits she knows nothing about football and even she was all up in arms because as she put it, “why didn’t he just kneel in the endzone?!” It would have also been much easier to forgive if you hadn’t said that you’d do it again if given the choice. Please, for the sake of Bills fans all over, learn from your mistakes.

Hit it! Shawn Nelson. He made the kind of NFL debut a rookie could only dream of by putting up the first points of the night. Congrats #89…your moves are just as hot as, ahem, your face.

Quit it! Paul Posluszny and Chris Kelsay being injured. Injuries suck and they seem to always haunt us! Posluszny made my night a little less stressful with his beast mode tackles and I don’t know if I can take a season without him! Reports are saying he has a broken bone in his forearm and Dick Jauron hasn’t said exactly how bad the injury is, but he did say it’s not as bad as his break rookie year. Fingers crossed he’s back ASAP!

Hit it! Trent Edwards. I’ll be honest, everything I read about you during preseason did not match up with what you were doing on the field for the month of August. But last night, you proved why the Bills are so behind you as QB. You scrambled for 25 yards–I’ve been waiting for you to get out of that pocket when nobody’s open forever! And, Edwards’ connection with Terrell Owens made me smile. :)

Quit it! ESPN announcers! My entire life they’ve made me sick to my stomach with their utter lack of respect for the Buffalo Bills. Even when we do well, they only dish out compliments and optimism laced with distaste and sarcastic undertones. I don’t know why y’all are so happy to bash the Bills year after year but it’s been old for awhile. Too bad you couldn’t gush over your precious Tom Brady too often last night.

We’ll end with a hit it! The whole D with extra kudos to Aaron Schobel.  Brady’s ball dropped right into Schobel’s hands and he made it to that endzone. Loves it.


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