Saints/Redskins Preview: Any Given Sunday, Except This One

In the wake of an impressive win against the Patriots, all eyes are on the New Orleans Saints and their possible march toward a perfect season. But with their success comes a steady barrage of questions. Which team will be the team to tarnish their perfect record? Can they even be stopped? And what exactly is up with Drew Brees’ hair? I mean, it’s not quite a comb over and not exactly a mullet. It just sort of fans out over his forehead.
drew brees hair 2

See what I mean?

Anyways, you can imagine every opponent on the Saints schedule between now and the playoffs is chomping at the bit to play the role of the spoiler. What team wouldn’t want to go down as the team that cut the powerhouse of the NFC down to size? While I can’t begin to guess who that team could be I can say with 100% certainty who that team won’t be: The Washington Redskins.

This isn’t the overconfident fan in me talking. This is the student of football who knows that despite the game’s “Any Given Sunday” mantra, the Redskins have proven this season they’ll go out of their way to beat themselves before beating anyone else. Let’s reflect on their previous two games, shall we? The Redskins held a 6-0 lead over their NFC East rivals the Cowboys in week 11 until the final minutes of the game. They let their most hated opponent in the league march into the end zone to score a touchdown with 2:41 left in the fourth quarter. And they couldn’t even string together a successful enough series of plays to get them into field goal range and win the game, (not that their kicker, who’d already botched 2 previous attempts, could have actually pulled off a game winner.) On their final drive, a tipped Jason Campbell pass landed in the hands of the defense. Game over. Sorry Redskins.

The story was just about the same last week versus the Eagles. The Redskins put up a good fight in enemy territory, keeping the birds caged for much of the game. But, late in the fourth quarter, Jim Zorn’s ‘Skins did what they do best and what they’ve done all season long: they collapsed.

So this week, against one of the hottest and talented teams in the NFL, the Redskins will put their least dysfunctional foot forward to try and knock the Saints off their high horse. (Hmmm…I believe the outburst I’m currently experiencing is what the kids refer to as “lmao”.) Look, I know even bad teams can have a good day but unless Zorn made some sort of pact with the Devil or oh, I don’t know, half the Saints team oversleeps and misses the bus ride to Fed Ex Field on Sunday, it ain’t happening. That’s right, I’m so confident I had to use bad English.

The Saints’ inevitable victory on Sunday won’t just be a testament to the Redskin’s propensity to shoot themselves in the foot. It will be a testament to the focus of Sean Payton’s team in 2009. Their attitude? One game at a time. One win a week. Objective: Miami. These Saints aren’t about to fall apart because of a short week or overconfidence or whatever other variables Redskins fans are likely clinging to in an effort to have something to look forward to on Sunday. Sure we fans talk a lot of trash but our team is on another stratosphere. They’re above the fray.

So for those of you wondering just when and who will stop the Saints winning streak, well, as we Southern folks would say, “don’t trouble your sweet little hearts.” The roll won’t end this Sunday…and that’s a given.

Saints: 34
Redskins: 13

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  1. Scoring under 40?

    That’s generous. I mean, this is a Jim Zorn defense. This is not a Bellichek defense, right?

    Maybe your banking on a lot of playing time for Mark Brunell?

  2. obviously. brees will be twirling his comb over and getting a pedicure on the sidelines by halftime

  3. Brees needs to Agassi that hair. (Which I guess could either mean wear a fantabulous mullet wig or shave it off.)

    The Saints have an awesome schedule! I’ll be rooting for them to win every game except the second to last one. :)

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