Saints 12-0: All Aboard the Karma Train!

Redskins fans who watched victory slip through their team’s fingers against the Saints on Sunday likely had one of three thoughts:
a) We’re cursed. Someone put a hex on us. Why football gods? WHY!!!!
b) Why does my team always find a way to lose the game?
c) Goodbye cruel world!!!

If you haven’t yet ended it all and you’re seeking comfort and empathy this week, there’s a group of people who know just how to help you work through your pain: fans of the New Orleans Saints.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. You want to spit on us. You want nothing to do with us. You loathe us! And truthfully, you have every right to. That victory was yours for the taking and somehow, someway, the Saints snatched it from your grips. Redskins fans, believe me, we know what you’re going through.

Before 2009, your story was our story. Our team found ways to lose games, break our hearts, or completely collapse in the oddest, most improbable of ways. They were their own worst enemy. But something happened. Fate changed. The curse was lifted. That ancient Indian burial ground upon which the Superdome was allegedly built, well, this year the souls of those long forgotten have decided to call a truce. This year, the New Orleans Saints just have “it.”

Garrett Hartley Kicks Game Winning Field Goal, Courtesy:

Garrett Hartley Kicks Game Winning Field Goal, Courtesy:

That “it” factor is intangible. “It” is what could be used to describe that Drew Brees interception that amazingly turned into a Saints touchdown thanks to the quick thinking of one young Robert Meachem. “It” can be used to describe that missed field goal in the fourth quarter that would have given the Redskins a 10 point lead and forced the Saints to score twice. “It” is the punt that hit a Redskins player, only to be recovered by Usama Young. “It” is that fumble recovery that gave the Saints an opportunity to drive the ball down the field and set up the game winning field goal. “It” was summed up by Mickey Loomis after Sunday’s victory:

“Special things happen to special teams…I’m a big believer that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

You’re damn right “it” is.

Drew Brees had his “My Name is Earl” karmic wake up call after the Redskins victory, too.

“I definitely believe in destiny, and I believe in karma and what goes around, comes around…We have been on the other side of this deal probably too many times. Maybe it’s our time that we start catching some of the breaks and start being the team that wins them like on the road…I feel like if you continue to do things the right way, then good things happen to you.’’

The football gods appear to be done with us. They’ve had their fun for decades. Monotony gets boring after a while, ain’t that right Tiger Woods? This season, things have taken a turn in the Saints favor. No more “River City Relays” followed by missed extra points. No more 30 point leads at halftime that end with an opponent’s 30 point rally and 4th quarter comeback. No more missed 20 yard game winning field goals. No more fumbles on a double reverse that cost us the game. No more stab me in the eye, kick me in the crotch type chains of events that just make you want to die. No more Saints fans. No more.

As for Redskins fans, let us assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s majestic and gleaming and radiant and intoxicating. It can be summed up in many ways and it takes many forms. But today, it’s essence is best described as this: NFC South Champs, 12-0.

This karma train is taking us fans on a wild ride.
Next stop: Atlanta.
Final Destination: Miami.

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  1. Congrats on the huge win! That was an exciting game.
    I think we’ve all experienced both ends of the stick–it’s weird how some years it seems that every single play/call goes in your favor and some years every single play/call goes against.
    Enjoy your season of almost everything going right! It is way more fun that way. :)

  2. yeah. but when you’re team’s already won a super bowl, the “curse” doesnt feel quite as oppressive

  3. Oh, I just meant generally–I wasn’t talking about the Bucs this season. We’re losing because we’re bad, not because of bad breaks.
    I just meant congrats to you and the Saints. But, true, the Redskins have won several Super Bowls, so they’ll be ok.

  4. Mrs. Swilling says:

    Well put. That was the same thought that kept running through my head yesterday…this time, its destiny.

  5. Mother Hen says:

    Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo!

  6. Congratulations! May another black and gold team represent in the Super Bowl!

  7. Uninvited dude comment here!

    I hate it how the Steelers are referred to as the “Black and Gold” much more often than the Saints ever are.

    To me, New Orleans is the only true “Black and Gold” team in the entire NFL. Period.

    Pittsburgh is “Black and Pee Yellow” at best in my view!

    Go Saints GEAUX!!!

  8. Hello I just wanted to say that for some reason your site has started to load really slow for me, not sure if anyone else has this problem?

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