A Message to the Arizona Cardinals: If it’s a shootout you want, it’s a shootout you’ll get!

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Aaron Rodgers sure had a heck of a time playing pitch and catch with his receivers against the Arizona Cardinals defense on Sunday. If his offense can put up 45 points in just 3 quarters…just imagine what the “Krewe de Drew” has in store for those desert pigeons.

You see, if there’s one team that can play and win the “shootout” game, it’s the New Orleans Saints. That’s just how our offense is built. And once coach Sean Payton gives the orders, you can count on Drew Brees to “get his Gilbert Arenas on.” He’s coming out guns blazing!

Sure you’d hate to see our corners getting torched, tossed, and trauamatized like Green Bay’s poor secondary but if it happens, it’s comforting to know the Saints’ offensive weapons have the potential to cause the Cardinals’ defense some serious fits. In fact, I’m prepared to make a bold playoff prediction: this will be Reggie Bush’s breakout game. I see slants, screens and plenty o’ scores in this lad’s future. He’ll be our secret weapon against a defense likely anticipating the deep ball from Drew early and often.

You’ve gotta be excited about this NFC match-up. It’s Warner the “Gran Pappy of the West” versus Drew Brees the “Stud of the South.” Gran pappy’s got all those old tricks up his sleeve but the stud’s got waaay more gas in his tank. Heck, Pappy Warner’s arm might still be tired come Saturday. There’s not enough epsom salt in the world to soak away the pain of that four hour air assault against the Pack.

I know what you’re thinking Saints fans: the Cardinals don’t need to air it out if we can’t stop the run. Yeah, I thought about that too. That means we’ll need our offense to scare the crap out of ’em early in the game, to knock their offense and defense off balance. The Saints have a great opportunity to take control of this game early, considering emotion willl be on their side in the fired up Superdome. They’d be wise to seize it. I basically want Pappy Kurt crapping in his Depends by the 2nd quarter.

Later in the week I’ll break down all the stat comparisons and official crap. But for now, let’s just stick with the fun trash talking stuff. You’re going down, Cardinals. Smackin’ the Pack on your turf is one thing, but we do things a little differently down on the Bayou. Prepare to be treated like backyard, Nutria. There’s a bounty on your head.

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  1. Hopefully good GW will come up with some schemes to get to Warner, then they will run and cough up that ball like they have all season.
    Clinch those fist Defense……..time for some ball punching

  2. WhoDatChick says:

    That was about the only thing that had me shook about the Cardinals, they were popping those balls out left and right. Payton has them studying the tape, so they will protect the ball with their lives.

    I am looking foward to having our whole team (less CG, but he needed a time out anyway.) The fans will be crunk for sure.

    Are you going to the game NOLA Chick?

  3. @Erik: GW better make those folks memorize that tape. No way we can let Warner sit back in the pocket like the Pack did.
    @Who Dat Chick: Nah, I’m holding out for the NFC Championship game. (Like how I said that with 100% confidence?)

  4. haha okay you guys are sure what us arizonans call ALLL TALKK!!!
    u are callin us in consistent when u just got your asses beat by the panthers!!! havent you seen the cardnals in the playoffs were un stopable i think you forgot we got the numero uno wide receiver in the NFL!!
    haha bring itt

    panthers=24 saints=10

  5. @ go cards: you were saying???


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