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Shouts out to the phenomenal Nola Chick, who got the hook up for me to shoot the breeze down in Miami with the league’s most sought after recruit last year — I couldn’t grab my bikini fast enough! Well, it didn’t go exactly like that, but I did enjoy a brief chat with Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions QB, and well, I gotta say…he let his hair down a little bit, surprisingly.

Because that’s what we were supposed to talk about: the AXE Hair Challenge. If you visit, you’ll see Matt’s first video about his “girl-approved” hair. Every two weeks, he’ll upload another cute vid of chicks throwing him all kindsa booty love for his fabulous hair, and then he wants you to upload your own clips or how you get or give “hair action.” One winner will get an AXE hair pack every day, and every two weeks, a grand prize winner will get tix to major pro or college sporting events this year! (I meant to ask if Matt would be your date for the events…but I doubt it.) Here’s more about it, in Matt’s words, as well as his prediction for this year’s top draft pick and his V-Day plea:
Q: Explain the AXE Hair Challenge and what attracted you to the project.
A: I’ve been working with AXE for a while now and been getting a lot of hair action. That means girls getting their hands all in my hair, smelling it, can’t get enough of it. Every two weeks from now through March I’ll be uploading videos on showing every one how I get hair action, and we’ll see if you can one up me; get hair action better than I can.

Q: Speaking of action, how are the ladies of Tha D treating you? Is it pandemonium every time you go out?

A: It’s not pandemonium, but I can’t keep a low profile either. It’s somewhere in between. But I don’t really go our much in Detroit, outside of playing football.

Q: OK, so what else will your offseason consist of?
A: Well, I’m here at the Super Bowl in Miami and just rehabbing my knee and shoulder.

Q: Ahh, those injuries! Will you be ready to be our starting QB when the season comes back around?

A: (Laughs) You know it! I will be for sure. I’ll be good to go. I got a little scope on my knee, but I didn’t need surgery for the shoulder.

Q: Well, that’s good news. Finish this sentence for me. My first NFL season was _________
A: fun, hectic. Can I use more than one word? (Laughs). My first NFL season was a great learning experience and a really good building block for years to come.

Q: One more: My second NFL season will be_________________

A: Much better than the first! I’m excited about the season for sure. {*I CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY…cuz LionsChick will get in that AZZ if it’s not*}

Q: If I’m correct, someone has a birthday this Sunday; It has to be cool celebrating at the Super Bowl.
A: AWWW! Thanks for catching that. Yes, you are correct! Hopefully one day I’ll be celebrating by playing.

Q: Can you believe a year has gone by already? What was this time like for you a year ago, and who do you’ll think you’ll be passing the crown to as the new No. 1 draft pick?
A: Last year I was training; it was a whirlwind for me. Yeah, it’s flown by for sure. It’s been non-stop. But this year I think they can take this St. Louis kid, a defensive end. I met Sam Bradford a little bit ago. He’s got a chance at being first.

Q: Alright, now let’s play a game called “A Few of Matt Stafford’s favorite things: Tell me your favorite____
Video Game:
TV Show:
Childhood Role Model:
Troy Aikman
Kind of Music:
Ford {*U gets the side eye for that one, Matt :/ Way to shout out the ppl who pay you*}

Q: And what’s the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever given or received?
Uh…Valentine’s gift? I don’t know…{*He was clearly stumped.*} I got my mom and sister a box of chocolates.

I don’t know. I’ve never given one. Will you be my Valentine this year?

Q: Great answer! Yes, me and all the Chicks will. But as for the rest of the ladies in tha D who may not be football fans, we have the Pistons, the Red Wings, the Tigers..why should they watch Matt Stafford & the Lions?
A: Number one, because we wear tight pants. It’s an exciting sport to watch. You just have to start watching us and see.

Q: Thanks, Matt. I appreciate your time. Don’t forget about the Chicks!

A: Thank you; I won’t!

And oh, ladies, btw — The Matt Stafford you thought you were following on Twitter is NOT him. He informed me that he isn’t big on social media and he doesn’t even have a Twitter page.
Anywho, we here at chicksinthehuddle have a few really cool AXE hair packs to give away, so please please please visit us often to see how you can win! And no, chicks and gents, I’m not just talking about shampoo and gel…could anyone use a flip camera so that you can record some action of your own???

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