Top Ten Moments of the Saints 2009 Season

In a season that brought us our first ever Super Bowl appearance and win along with beat downs against every New York team, it’s hard to really keep the list of favorite season moments to just 10…but I’ll give it a shot.

#10. Saints defeat Falcons (twice)
saints fans in atl crowd
It’s not the first season this has happened and it certainly won’t be the last. Still, beating our NFC South nemesis never seems to get old. Not to mention the outrageous party in the streets we Saints fans put on after the game. Even a few dirty birds couldn’t resist the urge to join in and (attempt) a second line dance.

#9. Reggie Bush “Brings the Wood”
Cardinals Saints Football
Those chants of “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie” finally paid off in the Saints divisional playoff game against the Cardinals. #25 not only ran back a punt for a touchdown but he dug deep into his USC bag of tricks to put a spectacular move on a few Cardinals defenders to turn what should have been a modest gain into points. Let’s relive the moment, shall we?


#8. Sean Payton makes Bill Belichick Cry Home to His Mama
Patriots Saints Football
When one of the cockiest, most ego-centric coaches in the league gets so out-coached, he does the equivalent of “packing up his toys and going home” before the game is over, you know you’ve just witnessed something spectacular. The Saints took it to the Pats in a game that sums up their Super Bowl run: no one believed they could do it. It was an old school ass whoopin’ on a much hated bully, the kind that makes neighborhood children gather round and yell “yeah, get him!!” Some say old man Belichick was never the same after that…

#7. Darren Sharper…

Nuff said…

#6. Robert Meachem’s DC Miracle
Some have defined the Saints 2009 season as “magical.” Those people probably don’t say that phrase without conjuring up images of Robert Meachem turning a Drew Brees interception into a Saints touchdown against the Redskins. I can’t even begin to describe its awesomeness. Just watch. (And try to ignore the weird music.)

#5. Deuuuuuccceee!!!!
deuce mcallister takes the field
How do you inspire a crowd of 70,000+, who for weeks have heard their playoff bound, top-seeded team, is “sluggish, rusty, and in a downward spiral”? If you’re a genius, you bring back the one guy with whom their love affair just won’t end. When the Saints announced they’d re-signed Deuce McAllister, one day before the Cardinals game, you could feel the wave of goose bumps making its way across the Who Dat Nation. And when our main man made his triumphant return on to the field, we knew with an unapologetic arrogance that those poor Cards never stood a chance.

#4.Saints comeback over Miami
If you weren’t there to witness it, I’m so very, very sorry. This was the kind of regular season game that turns players into legends. I watched from the second row of (then) Landshark Stadium as the Saints went down against the Dolphins 24-3. As hot as it was outside on that Miami afternoon, I didn’t break a sweat. I knew they had the talent and the swagger necessary to mount a comeback. Before long, Drew Brees had sneaked his way into the end zone, slam dunked the football, and kicked off what would turn out to be a 46-34 butt bruiser. It was then when I first heard a fan chant “When the sun goes down, the Brees comes out.” It became my mantra for the rest of the season. Before leaving the stadium, I turned to a group of disgruntled Dolphins fans and whispered with obnoxious certainty “We’ll be back…”

#3. Tracy Porter “picks” on QB legends
When Tracy Porter intercepted Brett Favre in the final moments of regulation in the NFC Championship Game, few gave Porter the credit. After all, it was just Favre doing what Favre does. But when Porter pulled the same move against Peyton Manning, jumping a route and essentially ending the Colts comeback bid in the Super Bowl, it seemed the media was finally ready to give this dude his props.

#2. Garrett Hartley: The Golden Foot
Who knew it would take little more than one season for Garrett Hartley to kick Morten Anderson and Tom Dempsey to the curb as Saints fans most beloved place kicker. It’s all thanks to Hartley’s overtime clutch-tastic field goal against the Vikings to send the Saints to their first Super Bowl. Lest we forget, he was perfect in the big game against the Colts as well, going 3/3 for over 40 yards. That set a Super Bowl record, my friends.

Honorable Mention: Nola Chick Goes to the Super Bowl…Courtesy of Ellen Degeneres
So maybe this wasn’t a big deal for the rest of you Who Dats, but it’s surely tops in my books. After jousting my way to victory on The Ellen Show, I earned a sweet trip to the Super Bowl, which included a blimp ride, club-level tickets, and a chance to watch my boys win from the sidelines of the field at Sun Life Stadium. Oh…and canoodling with a few players in the locker room after the game didn’t hurt either. Check it out!

#1. Saints Win the Super Bowl
Ah, February 7, 2010. It’s a day that will bring smiles to the faces of Saints fans for the rest of our lives. We’d longed for a Super Bowl victory for our team but never imagined the day would actually come. When it did, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Cry? Scream? Kiss a stranger? Drink ourselves into a stupor? If you’re a true fan, it was likely all of the above. We finally reached the mountain top. Next stop: Dynasty-ville!

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Shaneika, a.k.a. Nola Chick, is a lifelong crazed Saints fan and creator of If she looks familiar, you may have seen her lose a Cadillac on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker or win Super Bowl tickets on the Ellen Show. (She gets around...)

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  1. WhoDatChick says:

    Bless those Boys, indeed! I wish the season could continue. I can remember many-a-seasons that I was so thankful that they came to an end, but this one could go on forever.

    Do you find yourself watching NFL Network just to see something about the Saints? Have you watched the Superbowl 5 times (or more?). Have you watched Sound FX, Inside the NFL, Super Bowl edition, many, many times? Are you still wearing you jersey (number 88, baby!) Yeah, I think we need a 12 step program to ween us off of this season.

  2. I think I watched the Super Bowl about 4 or 5 times. All of which included the halftime show by The Who.
    I get frustrated though because they Saints gave me a bad quarter to get though…about 5 times.

  3. geaux saints says:

    I definitely watched the replay of the game at least three times. I got teary-eyed every time Drew hoisted Baylen into the air. I also taped Oprah, of all things, just to see Drew.

    This was, incidentally, my first year of season ticket ownership. I can’t imagine a better way to kick things off. I’ll hold this season dear for the rest of my life…

  4. dude’s im like an addict. i can’t get enough of all things saints. my coworkers are annoyed with my “stand up and get crunk” ring tone…or maybe the fact that i insist upon signing along to it. i didn’t think my saints obsession could get any worse. i was wrong…

  5. sexysaintsfan says:

    Good article best one yet even though I’m jealous you got to smack Pierre’s butt! Can’t wait for a repeat!

  6. WhoDatChick says:

    Ha! At least I know that I am not the only one with that ringtone who cannot fight the urge to sing it each time my phone goes off.

  7. @sexy: it was everything you’ve imagined it would be! :)

  8. Barefoot Saints says:

    We have watched the Super Bowl at least 2-3 times… then we have watched it again on NFL replay at least 3 times… Watched the NFL Films Presents version of the superbowl 4 times. Last time was yesterday morning -baby Drew in his exersaucer was watching too. Of course we have all programs recorded – my faves are the ones with the wired players and a wired Sean Payton :)


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