The NFL Wives Club: Meet the Superwoman

Sabrina Coleman, the wife of Atlanta Falcons safety Erik Coleman, has “America’s Sweetheart” written all over her. But get her in a gym and she’s got the kind of fierceness and intensity that would make you think twice about cutting her off on the freeway. The brunette beauty instantly goes from Supermodel to Superwoman.

Coleman, who is a new mom, is currently training to compete for Ms. Bikini Georgia. Her workout routine nearly rivals what her football player husband goes through to stay in shape for the NFL. So, as you might imagine, her body is sick. No, not “a boob job and 3 nip tucks later” fit. I’m talking a living, breathing She-Ra.

While Coleman may have a hard body, she’s got a soft spot for the plight facing fellow moms: how does one find the time to
stay in shape? She’s hoping a state title will give her the platform she needs to promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices for women, especially those juggling a busy lifestyle, and easy ways to get fit on the go.

I recently caught up with Coleman before one of her exhausting training sessions (that’s right, I got tired just watching) to find out more about this wife and mom on a mission!

From now through draft day, as part of our “Chicks on the Clock” get fit initiative, we’ll be sharing workout moves and fitness tips from Sabrina and her trainer. We’ll also tell you how she made out in her big bikini battle in Georgia. That’s right Sabrina…if your hubby can’t bring home the championship trophy, just get one yourself!

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  1. I love it!! I’m cheering for you Sabrina & I’m encouraged to eat better and get in shape.

  2. Go Girl! You’re an inspiration:) (Erika’s friend)

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