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Remember that off season series I was going to write about charities various players support? Yeah, well seems nobody cared to actually TALK to me about these charities, so I’ve just focused on the one organization that’s been so receptive and deserves all the attention it can get: Hunter’s Hope Foundation, run by Jim and Jill Kelly.

I attended a conference for work this weekend and experienced a seminar called “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” which is exactly what it sounds like–60 sites that fall into the social networking category or just make the lives of journalists and bloggers everywhere, a little bit easier. And I must say, for the first time since the two literary journalism classes I took in college, I was inspired. So, in the spirit of the ever-evolving-and-growing digital world, here’s a few sites related to Hunter’s Hope Foundation and the Kelly’s you guys should check out.

>Jill’s official Web site: Months in the making and compiling decades of work, went live for the first time today (Monday, March 29) and I honestly have maybe one word to describe it (and if you guys know me by now, you know I don’t skimp on the words): amazing. It’s beautiful, its message is genuine and as you explore it entirely, you realize it is pure. Whether you want to know more about Jill the woman or Jill the author, Jill the wife or Jill the mother it’s there. She has a journal that’s like reading a good book and then there are just that: her books. She has three (I hope you’ll check back for a post about those very soon!) and they’re about prayer’s relationship with life. Eventually, Jill said there will be e-cards, downloadable prayers and other things to empower women and give them strength.

>@HJKforever: Jill Kelly’s Twitter…follow this lovely lady for random comments from Jim, plenty of faith-related tweets and retweets and for some fun-loving banter and football talk.

> : Ok, so this is an obvious one but it has a ton of information, not only about the countless things this organization does–like its initiative to get state leaders to put UNBS on their agendas and pass it–but also tells the Kelly family’s story. To read Jill’s first-hand account of Hunter’s life is an experience you can’t help but be affected by. The depth with which she brings us into the family’s personal life and allows us to travel the journey of fear, acceptance, pain, faith and hope will make you want to learn more about this foundation and most important of all, help.

>@HuntersHopeFDN: The foundation’s official Twitter. Follow it for updates, upcoming events and to find out exactly when a new state signs UNBS (Universal Newborn Screening) into law!

>Jill Kelly’s Facebook page: She may be the wife of one of the greatest QBs ever to play the game, but she’s made quite a name for herself…for herself! She’s an author and speaker and her fan page is an opportunity for people to connect with her on a personal level. It promotes her books, her speaking and gives fans a forum to discuss tough issues like grief or faith. And Facebookers won’t find themselves just chatting amongst one another. Jill told me the page is very important to her and it’s evident when she actively participates in every discussion she begins. Check her out!

Come back soon for a one-on-one chat with Jill! :)


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