Shame on You, Chris Myers!

Chris Myers, Fox Sports

Chris Myers, Fox Sports

Well, Fox analyst and former WWL reporter Chris Myers has burned the Mother Hen’s goose and it ain’t pretty. While sitting in on Dan Patrick show recently, Myers said the following about Hurricane Katrina victims in comparison to victims of the Tennessee flood:

“My best is and maybe it’s a little corny, but I like it. It’s a great country here. We have disastrous issues where people pull together and help themselves and I thought the people in Tennessee, unlike and I’m not going to name names. When a natural disaster hits people were not standing on a rooftop trying to blame the government, okay, they helped each other out through this.
Middle Tennessee where a lot of hardworking, tax-paying, legal American citizens have been affected by the floods and are trying to rebuild their lives and they are helping out and I think that other people around the country, of course the music industry in and around Nashville helping, without making a big deal out of it and I think that’s a good thing.”

First off, Mr. Myers, those who suffered from the man-made levee breaches in New Orleans have every right to blame the government for what took place. According to the Flood Control Act of 1965, the design, construction, and maintenance of the levees in New Orleans fall under the purview of the Army Corps of Engineers, which coincidentally is a part of the federal government. Therefore and hitherto, what took place in New Orleans in August 2005 was not a natural disaster. That natural disaster hit Mississippi.

The Chef

The Chef will cook you up!

And, before you decided to blame the good people of Louisiana for the BP/Transocean/Halliburton oil debacle, please note this little lesson starring our esteemed friend, Chef Who Dat:

Geauxjira will come and get you, Chris Myers!

And, I hope that when the Saints win the Superbowl this year that the Atlanta Falcons will be able to hand off the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Benson–it would more have more sentimental value to the people of Louisiana. So, do us a favor, Mr. Myers and stick to what you know…sports. Well maybe you should leave sports up to Angela Hill…

Chris Myers predicting Saints victories and losses

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  1. He’s inspired me to start something new here on Chicks in the Huddle: Douche of the Week Award. Mr Myers, consider yourself our first honoree!

  2. Mother Hen says:

    Wonderful! What a brilliant idea!

  3. msladee says:

    How did I miss this post? Thank you for writing about this, because it’s a sensitive topic in my neck of the woods. Myers says that Tennesseans didn’t make a big to-do about it, but they did, and were highly pissed that they(we) weren’t getting the supposed deserved national coverage- never mind the fact that the flood garnered international coverage even though it ran concurrent with possibly one of the biggest oil spills in history . Myers said everyone helped each other in Nashville, but I watched the local news and just as in N.O., there were reports of looting, there were reports of people standing on their rooftops, people not leaving their houses because most shelters don’t take dogs, people attempting to drive in the water- making it harder for emergency services to do their job, etc. Although no one wants to talk about these occurrences, they DID happen, right here, in the great Volunteer State. So it amazes me that we here in TN on one hand, want the sympathies of the country, but on the other, simultaneously put down our FELLOW AMERICANS for the atrocities of the Katrina response. Can we not be a proud people without belittling others? Can we not share our misfortune without mocking that of our own fellow American citizens? It’s not like these same fellow Americans weren’t the guinea pigs for bureaucracy failure. It’s not like Katrina didn’t create a model for do’s and don’t in emergency response, a model which many cities, including those in TN, used to upgrade so that the level of response would never be as inefficient as it was back in 2005. And this same smugness in Chris Myers’ comment has permeated in this region. You’d think instead of disparaging Gulf Coast citizens, we’d more identify with and try to learn from their experience. Like how to deal with FEMA (yes, despite pulling itself up from it’s proverbial bootstraps, Middle Tennesseans are seeking and receiving federal money), or how to drop kick State Farm into being a good neighbor, or how to deal with the fact that you can’t really control what the media reports (I’m sure the very many, very helpful natives who volunteered in the wake of Katrina can attest to this). But, seeing as many have yet to cross that bridge and most here will never cross that bridge (most people didn’t even lose lights/water much less their house) its easy to be snooty. Even so, you would think that being a pseudo-expert on the happenings in N.O. following Katrina, Myers et al. would know that several of those affected by the May Day “Monsoon” are also some of those same displaced people from Katrina. To go through this twice AND have such wrong-spirited “assistance” around is enough to go insane.

    Sorry for the dissertation, but this has been on my mind for a long time. Back to your regularly scheduled football off-season programming.

  4. Marcus adams says:

    Chris, I’m from Nola and I’ll help you by knocking your teeth in.

    And you say we don’t help others down here! Some nerve.

  5. I couldnt have put it better myself ms. ladee. And I got no problem helping Marcus knock some teeth in…or out!

  6. Shame on you, Myers! It’s so easy to sit where he’s sitting and call the plays, right? I wonder how many sandbags he hauled personally?

  7. Bless you Ms Ladee for stating what just made my stomach churn! I’m here smack dab in the middle of TN and was absolutely horrified by fellow Tennesseeans attempt to compare themselves to Katrina victims. Everything Ms Ladee said and this: NO ONE waited days for assistance and evacuation like in Louisiana, most people reported a half hour to 2 hour wait to be evacuated from their homes by boats. While there was loss of life, and any loss of life is tragic, we’re talking the difference between 20 and 1800. It surely didn’t hurt that many (but not all) of the neighborhoods hit were middle and upper middle class people with the means to save themselves, recover, have current insurance, etc.
    That whole meme of we Nashvillians pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and helped each other blah, blah, blah, is intellectually dishonest.
    Just sayin’.


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