Lynch to get lost?

There are rumors. I love rumors. They provide entertainment, drama and when they pan out in my favor, even better. The latest Bills rumor around town is that RB Marshawn Lynch may be traded, with the most recent report being the Seattle Seahawks are interested.

Buffalo Sports Daily reported that Jason LaConfora of tweeted what many Bills fans (myself obviously included) have been vehemently hoping for all last season and this off season.

“Seahawks remain quite interested in Marshawn Lynch should Bills opt to deal him. Would make sense.” -LaConfora

They want him? They can have him! Please, please, please take him off our hands. This is BillsChick begging. We have Freddy J perfectly capable of being our one-and-only and rookie C.J. Spiller right behind him. Not only will it be fine for the team (actually, great) it will also improve my life. I will be less frustrated. I will swear less. I might drink less. It’s a win-win, I’m telling you.

General manager Buddy Nix continues to deny any plans to get rid of Lynch, but what else is he going to say until something actually happens? There’s already enough speculation swirling, no point in adding to it.

Plus, I don’t know why Nix would want to keep him around when he clearly doesn’t want to be there. Lynch said he planned to go to OTAs but never showed up. His actions speak loud and clear and I support them.

If Lynch were to end up in Seattle, he’d be back with fellow ex-Bill and sucker extraordinaire J.P. Losman. Interesting twist, interesting twist. Those two are perfect for each other.

Check out Patrick Moran’s complete post at It’s got all those “insider” quotes and tips that BillsChick can’t get.


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  1. I’m not sure what you mean about Marshawn and JP being perfect for each other. JP always gave his all and not only lived in Buffalo year-round so he could be at all OTAs and be a positive force in the community, he still lives in Buffalo. JP may have never been able to put it all together consistently on the field, but it was never for a lack of trying

  2. they’re perfect for eachother because they both suck….to put it simply….i appreciate effort on the field but it really doesn’t mean anything in the nfl unless there are results…otherwise we might as well be talking about pop warner

  3. I don’t know…seems a little harsh to put someone who’s always been a class act in the company with someone who hasn’t

  4. we can agree to disagree…they can be coupled together for varying reasons. since he showed up to practice yesterday, who knows what will happen…


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