3 months and counting…

My life will be complete in just about three months. The moment I’ve been waiting for as I suffered through the doom and gloom of winter is approaching. The day I almost drove off the road over because I was daydreaming in the suffocating heat yesterday, is less than 90 days away and I am ecstatic! Football! Yes!

The Bills’ home opener is Sunday, Sept. 12, and I’ll be there (if I ever refill my checking account). I’m saving the “real” football talk until training camp officially starts on July 29, so for now, here’s a short list of what I’m looking forward to this season. Let me know what you can’t wait to see!

Here's to sneaking where we're not allowed again!

BillsChick’s not-so-serious “I can’ wait to see…” list

I can’t wait to see…

…if our offensive line shows up this year. If our QB actually gets the ball out/doesn’t end up under a heap of enormous opponents, the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

…Marshawn Lynch either prove himself or sit on the bench. I’m giving him one game and if it’s a repeat of last season (which I’m officially betting it will be) then he better get used to his butt falling asleep and should ponder what other colors he looks nice in.

…my Freddy J streaking down the field week after week. 😉

…which QB emerges the victorious starter. I’d love to see Trent Edwards redeem himself, but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen (sorry buddy, those concussions were gamebreakers), so I’d like to see Ryan Fitzpatrick get a chance to finish what he started.

…Aaron Maybin take the field like a beast. He started finding his power toward the end of last season and has been working hard all summer to improve. Additional expectation: Attend a training camp session so hot he just needs to take his shirt off. I don’t want him passing out or anything.

…how many pints of beer I can drink this season…and how much I’ll actually have to drink on an average football Sunday.

…how many times the Bills WON’T be shown on TV. I’m guessing 81% of the season will be spent watching at a bar/online.

…how many Twitter followers I’ll gain and/or lose due to my overwhelming and overzealous game day tweeting.

…if we’ll actually win! Go Bills!

…if Chan Gailey does us any good, if our rookies step up, if our veterans show us their potential.

…how biased, rude and derogatory the media outlets will be to us (as always).

…how long it will take until I’m forced to right my third angry editorial to the sports section of my local paper (I give it until Week 8).

…how long it take for me to cry over a game (I’m going for never this year!)

…how many injuries we have and how well the injured players from last season can play.

…if I will finally get the Bills hoodie I’ve been wanting. They never have a size small.

What are you guys looking forward to seeing? Let me know!


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