Tickled “Pink” Over Victoria’s Secret New NFL Line

For those of us who love football as much as we love shopping, Victoria’s Secret is making it easy! They’ve unveiled their own line of feminine, sexy NFL tops for 13 teams. They revealed the line in a “draft” of sorts on Facebook, debuting one selection after the other from 9am-9pm. The teams include the Jets, Pats, Giants, Bears, Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Chargers, Panthers, Vikings, Broncos, Raiders and finally, the …..Steelers.

(Editorial side note: So wait a minute…the Chargers, Vikings and the freakin’ Panthers fans get a jersey before Saints chicks? Suck it Victoria’s Secret!)

There’s also a line for all of you college football fans. This SEC chick can’t wait to get decked out in a Tiger’s Yoga Pant. Nothing like cussing out a sweaty UGA linebacker while you’re wearing a purple tube top and tights!

You can check out all the jerseys at Victoria’s Secret Pink’s Facebook Page. Meanwhile, I’ll apparently need to work on my own line of cutie Saints gear…and unlike the Pink line, it won’t cost a million dollars and it’ll actually fit my boobs.

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About Nola Chick
Shaneika, a.k.a. Nola Chick, is a lifelong crazed Saints fan and creator of chicksinthehuddle.com. If she looks familiar, you may have seen her lose a Cadillac on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker or win Super Bowl tickets on the Ellen Show. (She gets around...) Twitter Handle: @chicksndahuddle


  1. Erin says:

    How in the world can they not include the San Francisco 49ers? I’ve been waiting over 21 years for an NFL line of clothing and garments from Victoria Secret to only have my hopes shattered. I’ve been a San Francisco 49ers fan all of my life and have remained faithful to my football team during the good times as well as unfortunate times. To see that one of the most storied franchises in NFL history was overlooked when determining the Victoria Secret NFL clothing line is extremely upsetting to me.

    Bronco’s and Panthers but no 49ers? Absolutely Ridiculous!

  2. nola Chick says:

    Oh Erin, I feel your pain. My team just won a freakin Super Bowl yet we get snubbed to make room for the Panthers. Shame on you Vicky. I know your secret. You’re a bitch!

  3. lionschick says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m certain there were never any plans to make Lions gear for the fans of us who want to look cute while we read the paper the day after the games – maybe they won’t be blacked out so much this season.

  4. Telly says:

    How in the world you not gonna include the world champions in the line? That’s why I dont shop there anyway. One more reason not to go in there.

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m heartbroken that there aren’t any Packer’s items either. I definitely emailed the company. They had a MLB line come out too and there wasn’t a WI team in site. SAD! They should give everyone at least a few items!

  6. Michelle says:


  7. dana says:

    Have you ladies given thought to the idea that maybe vs did not get rights or approval from some teams to use their logos??? Perhaps they have other ideas to make their own money on it. Don’t you think if vs could cash in on all of them they would? They aren’t the only ones who make feminine bling nfl gear either..their designs aren’t as cute as they could be..kind of boring.

  8. nolachick says:

    The NFL grants licensing rights as far as i’m aware, not individual teams. I think a more likely theory is that VS went with what’s considered to be “major market” teams first and depending on the success of the line, they’ll expand it. And no, they aren’t the only company that makes feminine NFL gear, but I can’t say I’m a fan of what’s already out there and I actually like the line they’ve put out.

  9. Kyle says:

    The panthers suck! So do the redskins, raiders and Vikings. I’m a Colts fans and a victorias secret addict and I am so disappointed that my boys didn’t get represented. So so lame. Damn you Vicky! You broke my heart

  10. Nola Chick says:

    apparently your team needed a losing record or an elderly quarterback to be considered…

  11. Scooter says:

    I’m pissed that Victoria’s Secret has moved in and taken over the NFL line. My wife used to LOVE just about anything that Alyssa Milano’s Touch line released and we equally hate EVERYTHING that PINK and Victoria’s Secret has produced. I hope this a failed one-year venture and Touch will be back next year.

  12. Moranne Rauer says:

    and no ravens….a little miffed about that too.

  13. angela says:

    i was so heartbroken when i didn’t see any gear for 49ers, what a disappointment, i think i will not buy from victoria’s anymore…. what where they thinking?

  14. cyndi says:

    well they have steeelers thats what counts 6 superbowl wins

  15. Logan says:

    I think the line is amazing! Im a steelers fan and i was wanting to get all that the line had to offer for my team. im getting most of it im just disappointed i didnt find a steelers jersey and thats the main item i wanted. this was a smart business decision, in my opinion. hope to see more teams and more merchanize for each team and more of a quantiy made for jerseys and other items (jewelry, bags, hats, scarfs, more shirts, pants, etc).

  16. shawna says:

    Hey I am a HUGE Patriots fan & when I heard there is an NFL v.s line out my heart skipped a couple of beats!!
    Problem is…. I live in Toronto !
    So i was just wondering if this NFL line is in Toronto, i’d love to buy some things ;)

  17. J says:

    How can they not have the ravens?!?!?! they have the PANTHERS? what?

  18. Nola Chick says:

    I know J, it’s a crying shame…

  19. dfghjk says:

    haha, i think it’s hilarious that they pick HORRIBLE teams, and weren’t even considering adding others. But if you go to the website now, it says they are going to add all the teams. that’s just because they didn’t make packers stuff, and they won the superbowl. GO PACK:)

  20. daisy says:

    relax guys, this was a test run to see if anyone would buy it at all, they picked the teams based on the places the had the most amount of stores, it wasnt chosen on how good the teams are. and if you cant fit into their clothing then you should be talking shit about them because i personally love victorias secret and there clothes are comfy and fit perfectly i personally cant wait to see the new line be released this august because it will include ALL the football teams since the idea was such a fucking HIT.

  21. nolachick says:

    Wow Daisy…is your mom THE Victoria or something because you seem to be taking this pretty personally…

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