Huddle Alert: Guest Blogger Stops By For Saints/Falcons Trash Talk

Donni Conley is the Executive Producer of “End Zone to End Zone”, Atlanta’s only live broadcast radio show soley dedicated to football.

This week the battle lines were drawn at work. My co-workers who were friends are now foes. I had to turn the fan on full blast to keep the temperature down in the fitness center where heated conversations are flowing non-stop. Wagers have been made in the form of lunch until the end of the year. Thank God I don’t work on Fridays.

“RISE UP!” is the Falcons theme for this season and last week these mighty birds rose to the occasion, 41-7 over the Cardinals. While the Saints struggled with the 49ers and squeaked out a win in the last two seconds of the game with a knuckle ball field goal, 25-22.

Is that Falcons fiery energy still in the air? I feel it and it’s strongly heading toward New Orleans. Can the Falcons be the first team to beat the Super Bowls champs in this toddler NFL season? You bet and while it won’t be easy, a Saints nation will crumble.

Yeah, yeah the Saints have the Falcons number, leading the series 7-1 since 2006. But, last week was a hint of what’s to come. The Falcons defense looked great against the Cardinals. The mighty birds’ defense swarmed all over their small prey for four quarters; Jason Snelling plodded through the Cardinals defense like a freight train going north. This week Michael Turner is back to handle the backfield, but Snelling will be hovering around the sidelines. And these two hungry birds are ready to run over a nation.

I say the Falcons are Rising Up!

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