Naming Baby Brees

Complete this sentence: Drew, Brittany, Baylen and _____________. Stumped aren’t ya? Well, so is Drew Brees.

The Saints quarterback is turning to fans to help him pick a name for his soon-to-arrive baby boy. This is baby naming crunch time for the Brees clan, considering Brittany’s due date is next week. Drew took to his Twitter account on Friday asking for name suggestions from, all of people, crazy Saints fans. Here’s the catch: It has to start with the letter “B.”

Well Drew, have no fear. The Chicks are here! Our completely preposterous suggestions are below, including a few actually acceptable ones.

1. Bahama (As in Bahama Brees. Get it…hehe!)
2. Brett (Hmmm… Wouldn’t want him to grow up thinking it’s okay to send girls pictures of his pee pee, so let’s scratch that one.)
3. Braveheart (Can you imagine a kid having the balls to pick on someone named “Braveheart”? Why yes, yes we can in fact…and in great numbers.)
4. Bourbon (What? We mean the street, not the alcohol. Oh wait, it’s still inappropriate…nevermind.)
5. Beaux (Admit it. That’s hot!)
6. Skip the “B” thing all together and name him Chicks in the Huddle. (Oh wait a minute. Forgot we had a pending naming rights deal with the Octomom…)
7. Barack (or Bristol…we don’t play the politics game here!)
8. Bubba (This is a little insurance policy to guarantee Drew never leaves Louisiana.)
9. Beignet (That just sounds delicious.)
10. And finally…Benson. Cause nothing says job security like sucking up to the dude who writes your checks!

You’re welcome, Drew.

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  1. Dee Waguespack says:

    Baby Brees…. Name…….. Bentley

  2.! classy!

  3. Baronne Brees,

  4. Oooh Baronne! That sounds elegant too. And very New Orleans-y

  5. Kenneth Reese Sr says:

    Call him, “Bradley” or ” Brad” for short. With a nickname of “BB” for Bradley Brees as he has a good sting to your heart.

  6. Bradley brees sounds like a character on One Life to Live. Love it!

  7. Baylor Brees would be a great name! says:

    This is the perfect name for your new baby boy

  8. Lindley Spoober says:

    Baylor Brees would be perfect!

  9. Lindley Spooner says:

    Baylor Brees would be a great name!

  10. Hmm…I might steal Baylor for my future MVP…

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