Saints vs. Panthers: Do We Really Have To?

As if this game weren’t annoying enough the first time around, here we are playing the Panthers…again. This match-up happened so recently that my nails still haven’t recovered from all the biting that took place in the 4th quarter…against the freakin’ Panthers….sigh. So what, now I’m supposed to get amped for this again, huh? I mean, that’s my job as the chick who calls herself the “ultimate Saints fan.” I’m supposed to be excited about EVERY Saints game because it’s football…right? Well you know what folks, I’m gonna be honest here. I want nothing to do with this Panthers game.

It should be a blowout, which would make it good but not exciting because well, it’s what the game should be. And if it’s close, that’s even worse. That means I once again have to use up all sorts of energy trying to will the Saints to barely beat a team they should have easily clobbered. I’m just ready to get to the bye week. Alas, here’s my breakdown.

The Panthers Suck
Their quarterback, defense and special teams suck.

The Saints Are Better
Refer to statement above.

That’s all I got, peeps. The Saints will win this one because the Saints can’t lose this one. And if whoever possessed Drew Brees and our offense’s souls during that Browns game were to make a comeback on Sunday, I suggest every player on the roster go into hiding during that bye week…and beyond.

Nola Chick’s Prediction:
Saints: 24
Panthers: 13

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  1. Mrs. Swilling says:

    I’m feelin ya, I will have to go out and spend money to watch this lousy game, and I am more tempted to skip it, and stay in my jammies all day watching Project Runway marathons. I mean honestly, we better win and if we don’t…well I don’t wanna see it.

  2. realheavyd says:

    Hey nolachick,

    Don’t fret this game babe. This should, by all accounts, be a completely different game than the first go-around with the Cardiac Cats was at our house.

    Have a read of my breakdown on this one and see if it doesn’t make you feel any better about facing these cats again.

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