Bucs vs. Falcons: There Are Better Things to Talk About

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Let’s talk about Josh Freeman.

Or, ok, let’s talk about ESPN’s Sports Guy talking about Josh Freeman.

For those of you who read Bill Simmons’ columns or listen to his weekly podcasts, you may (or may not) have noticed that the Bucs have never featured prominently in his work. Sometimes he would talk about how much the Bucs suck, but otherwise nothing. Which, to be fair, is pretty typical in Football Land, as the Bucs are really only popular/acknowledged in the Tampa Bay area. (A fact that would really bother me if I could tell you that I had any feelings other than apathy for, say, the Seattle Seahawks. They’re winning? Awesome, I don’t really care. Sorry, Seahawks.)

Anyway, apparently the love for Bucs QB Josh Freeman is so strong around the league, that all of the Tampa-Apatheticizers out there are becoming Buc fans. Check out an excerpt from Sports Guy’s latest:

“... BECAUSE JOSH FREEMAN WINS FOOTBALL GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Six comeback wins for him in less than a season and a half?!?!?!?!? Six! ... [Ed note: The exclamation points are SG’s, not Bucs Chick’s.]…He’s the most exciting QB in the league, a Dr. Moreau-like cross between Ben Roethlisberger (his fearlessness, his ability to throw frozen ropes on target in big moments, his remarkable talent for buying extra time because pass-rushers can’t bring him down, and fortunately, nothing else) and Alex Smith (his sneaky breakaway scrambling). You’re damned right I just made a cross-racial comparison threesome. Last Sunday, when Arizona erased a three-score deficit and took a 35-31 lead at home with eight minutes to play, instead of thinking, “What a comeback, I’m gonna win this Cards pick!” I was thinking, “Come on, don’t let Josh Freeman make a play!” And he did: A 50-yard bomb to Arrelious Benn that swayed the game and was immediately forgotten because every viewer was stunned by Chris Myers out-deadpanning Joe Buck’s call of the Helmet Catch and staking claim to the “Worst Call of An Exciting NFL Play Ever” title.”

I almost feel like I should invite Bill Simmons over for a sleepover so we can paint each other’s nails and talk about how dreamy Freeman is. Though obviously I have dibs, because Josh and I go way back. To last year.

Bucs at Falcons: But Freeman only plays on offense. The rookies on defense aren’t doing as well–DT Brian Price was placed on injured reserve this week, and DT Gerald McCoy has not had a breakout season by any stretch of the imagination. And, even though McCoy just might improve in future seasons, the future is not now.

Unfortunately, Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, Matt Ryan, and Roddy White? They are right now. If the Bucs can’t stop the run–which they can’t–Turner will go crazy. If Turner goes crazy, that opens up the passing game. This one could get ugly.

Maybe the Bucs will find the magical ability to play above their talent-level once again, but don’t count on it.

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