All’s Well That Ends Well

After last weeks embarrassing shut out loss to Green Bay, I was pretty sure that the ultra talented Lions would prove a gigantor stumbling block for the Jets. I told anyone who would listen that I was truly hoping this wasn’t going to be like last season-where they would win three in a row, then lose the next three-et cetera and so on.

Nick Folk’s foot made sure this wouldn’t happen. He was good on 36 yard FG to tie the game at the end of the fourth quarter, and the 30 yard that won it.

Mark Sanchez actually woke up at the right time. After an Edwards fumble that put Detroit up, and throwing a pick that lead to a score himself, he was able to bring his team back and put them in a position for Folk’s kicks to mean something.

It was actually a very entertaining game to watch, you know, if you’re a fan of penalties, dropped passes and watching your defense bend but not break.

I was surprised at how many points they gave up, but they were never so far out of contention that a decent offensive effort wouldn’t be able to come back and take it. Unfortunately, I have no faith in Mark Sanchez, so I nearly destroyed my manicure watching.

The Lions came out like gangbusters, and on their first drive completed several third downs and walked away with a touchdown. The first touchdown the Jets defense had given up in the first quarter all season. Their defense came out and got several stops, aided by a shocking ability to stymie the Jets running game and force them to rely mainly on passing.

I can’t even begin to describe how scary that was. This is clearly a running team. Egads.

The one two punch of Ladainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene was stymied yesterday. The two finished with just 101 combined total rushing yards (Tomlinson had 55, Greene had 46) and just seemed to not be able to break free of Detroit’s talented young defenders.

I was really impressed with Matthew Stafford. He seemed to be able to complete passes at will early, including two touchdowns to Pettigrew and and Nate Burleson and didn’t turn the ball over. I also got a kick out of Suh kicking the extra point (even though he missed) in place of the injured kicker.

In the end though, I was impressed with the fourth quarter drive Sanchez put together, including his 1 yard touchdown run. They kept it together long enough to tie it at the end and win in overtime thanks to a 52 yard pass to Santonio Holmes.

A gritty win, against a team that played way better than their record indicated. I’ll take it.

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