10 Shirtless NFL Studs to be Thankful For

Mark Sanchez, Jets QB

With his winning record and last second heroics, Mark Sanchez has truly emerged as the “big man on campus.” But with abs like that, we can’t help but think, “record, schmecord!” Gracias, Sexy Sanchez!

Terrell Owens, Bengals Wide Receiver

Sure, you wish he perpetually had a piece of tape over his mouth or that there were such a thing as “Pepto for Words” to prevent his diarrhea of the mouth, but when it’s all said and done, no matter how much you hate T.O., he always give you six “ab-tacular” reasons to love him!

Jason Taylor, Jets Linebacker

He’s the “oldy but goody” of sexy NFL stars. Beyond being incredibly easy on the eyes, Taylor has also built up a successful foundation which helps children in need across South Florida.

Brady Quinn, QB Denver Broncos

His production on the field has left a lot to be desired. Speaking of desire…

Darren Sharper, Saints Safety

Like a fine wine, he just gets better with age.

Troy Polamalu, Steelers Safety

He’s got this whole “Me Tarzan, you Jane!” thing going on that we just find irresistible. Plus, we could totally do each other’s hair…bonus!

Miles Austin, Cowboys Wide Receiver

He plays for a losing team but his “body of work” is a bona fide winner!

Reggie Bush, Saints Running Back

He never plays a full season, he lost his Heisman and his ex-girlfriend dissed him on national TV. We were too busy staring at his pecs to think about any of that.

Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota Vikings

Here’s one Minnesota Viking who could “sext” us…without inducing vomit. Anyone else surprised A.P. was featured in ESPN’s body issue?

Michael Vick, QB Philadelphia Eagles

Maybe it’s the whole “redemption thing”, that he’s matured so much in the game, or that prison milk does a body good, but Michael Vick is once again “The Man.” As dog owners, we’ll admit he made our stomachs turn in the past. Now, he’s having an undeniable affect on other body parts.

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  1. Ashley Bailey Tucker says:

    Reggie Bush !!

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  3. […] or not), Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, Terrell Owens, Miles Austin and Thomas Jones must be shirtless at all times. (Don’t question the demands of the fans … it’s bigger than you or […]

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