DeSean Jackson Fights Bullying…and Brings EVERYONE to Tears

Say what you want about Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (and these chicks have said plenty), what he and his teammates did on “The View” today for a 13-year-old bullying victim was enough to make up for all of it. You may have heard the story of Nadin Khoury, the Philadelphia area teenager who got dragged on the ground by a couple of high school a-holes and hung on a fence. Nadin and his family have been making the rounds in the media, in an effort to take a brave stand against bullies and to encourage other bullying victims to come forward. His latest appearance was this morning on ABC’s “The View.” (Yeah, I watch it. So what…wanna fight about it?) The picture of poise, Nadin told his story, shared his dream of one day being a marine and admitted he hoped his ordeal would help others.

As a reward for his bravery, the show surprised Nadin with a special appearance by DeSean Jackson and two other Eagles players. They also surprised Nadin with an Eagles prize package and a ticket for him and his family to any game next season. Freakin’ awesome!! With the entire studio in tears, DeSean took things a step further by sitting next to the kid, putting his arm around his shoulder, and praising Nadin for his bravery before saying “Anytime ever you need us, I got two lineman for you.” He also took an Eagles jersey off his back and signed it for Nadin before giving it to him.

It was the kind of moment that reminds rough and tough football chicks like us (so rough and tough that we watch “The View”) how the players we idolize for their work on the field can have such a real impact on the lives of so many off of it. And while we may treat them like heroes, the real heroes are kids like Nadin who stand up for what’s right, no matter what. I say, who cares what happens on Sunday. What happened today was “Super” enough to carry me to next season.

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  1. redbone225 says:

    it truly had me in tears…when i first heard the story it was sickening and still is. i hope all kids understand the consequences of their actions when they choose to bully

  2. What’s really upsetting is that the school did nothing and people walked by as this kid with being bullied and didn’t step in. Have some balls, people!


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