Curses To You, Matty Ice

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has launched a campaign asking fans to vote against their beloved Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan to make the cover of Madden 2012. Why? Because they live in fear of the infamous Madden Curse. The makers of the game have set up a bracket-esque contest to pick the next cover boy. The voting will be done over a four week period at Ryan’s already advanced to the second round. This week, he’s up against Peyton Hillis and this Saints fan will certainly do whatever it takes to make sure he makes it all the way!!

Unless of course, this is all some elaborate attempt at reverse psychology. Maybe Falcons fans really want Matt Ryan to make the cover and they know we Saints fans want the opposite of what they want, so they figure we’ll vote for him in droves, thereby securing his victory. Very clever, you filthy, filthy pigeons. But Nola Chick is just too darn smart for you.

UNLESS…they knew all along I’d assume they were using reverse psychology and thereby attempted a reverse, reverse psychology because they really are afraid of the Madden Curse and the last thing they would want is for Saints fans to vote for Ryan. Oh yeah, I’m on to you! They say a sucker’s born every minute…but not on the bayou my friends.

So, I’ll shall vote for Matt Ryan..early and often, thereby securing his demise and the demise of the Falcons franchise. Bwaah, haa haa haaa!!!!

Okay, off to take my meds…

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Shaneika, a.k.a. Nola Chick, is a lifelong crazed Saints fan and creator of If she looks familiar, you may have seen her lose a Cadillac on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker or win Super Bowl tickets on the Ellen Show. (She gets around...)

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  1. Hey, if you’re going to have someone write about the Falcons, the worst person you could go to is a /Saints fan.. Would you let a Patriots fan write about the Jets? In baseball ( which IS playing this year) would you have a Red Sox fan write about the Yankees? Maybe so, if you’ve got stock in a pharmaceutical company whose main product is high blood pressure meds.

  2. the beauty of a blog is that all those with a voice have an outlet. even you, roger!

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