One Thing Is Clear About the 2011 NFL Schedule…

…a lockout would just be mean.

The season opens on Thursday, September 8th in Wisconsin with the 2009 World Champion New Orleans Saints taking on…that team from Green Bay. It’s a match-up that would make any true football fan salivate. Gunslingers Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers face off in a battle of weird, “Children of the Corn” hair.

Oh, and they’re also both two pretty good quarterbacks. And since this game is being played before Lambeau Field turns into an iced over toilet bowl, we could be in for a high scoring, panty wetting shootout! That is of course, IF there’s no lockout.

Here are some other major NFL primetime match-ups to look forward to:
Eagles at Falcons in week 2
Steelers at Colts in Week 3
Colts at Saints in week 7
Patriots at Jets in Week 10
Colts at Pats in week 13
…and finally…a Monday night, “Who’s your daddy?” smackdown in the Superdome between the Falcons and Saints in the final week of the season.

The Saints have a pretty favorable schedule in terms of increasing their odds of returning to the post season. (Let’s just hope they don’t play the team with the worst record in playoffs history out of the gate, cause we all know how well that worked out. Ugh…) We’ll get the Bears, Colts and Giants at home in regular season. We only play three teams on the road with winning records. In terms of schedule difficulty, we’re ranked 14th among the league. Not bad…

So all we need now is for the rich dudes to stop playing with our money and our emotions so we can get back to the business of caring just about football and not about courtroom mediators. I mean, the draft is right around the corner but until all of this is settled, I can’t say I’m that interested. I need closure on the lockout so I can book my trip to Green Bay and start spray painting my cheese shredder black and gold!

Here’s a complete, interactive look at the Saints 2011 NFL Schedule along with teams around the league.

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