Is Reggie Bush Putting the “Twit” In Twitter

From Rashard Mendenhall’s foot-in-mouth comments about Osama bin Laden to Stevie Johnson picking a fight with God, who knew just 140 characters could get so many millionaires in so much trouble? Twitter sure did seem like a harmless enough way for athletes to interact with their fans and the media, that is, until so many of them started apparently TUI (Tweeting Under the Influence.)

Just a few weeks ago, Reggie Bush suspiciously tweeted “It’s been real New Orleans”, shortly after the Saints drafted stud running back Mark Ingram. As if that didn’t get enough negative media attention, Reggie decided to stir the “twat pot” again on Tuesday. It all started with a glib series of tweets about just how much he was enjoying the NFL lockout.

“Everybody complaining about the lockout! Shoot I’m making the most of it! Vacation, rest, relaxing, appearances here and there! I’m good!” Bush tweeted.

He went on to complain about “slaving in 100 degree heat and practicing twice a day.” Reggie says the series of tweets were just a joke. Needless to say, Saints fans were less than amused. His response to annoyed fans didn’t exactly smooth things over. Bush eventually tweeted, “FYI last tweet was a joke! Relax people damn it’s called sense of humor! Cry me a river why don’t you…”

So much for sweet tweets. Hello “bitter Twitter!”

After catching flack from ESPN’s Skip Bayless over those loco lockout rantings, Bush went bananas. Bayless, whose arrogance could get under a mosquito’s skin, apparently went after Bush saying he wasn’t good enough to complain. Instead of doing what most of us do, which is stick another pin in our Skip Bayless voodoo doll in the hopes that this time it just might take, Bush returned to his new frenemie known as Twitter to bash Bayless. Here’s a sample of his tweets gone wild:

“Skippy Skipper Skip Bayless said my performance on the field doesn’t give me a right to speak my mind! But his performance does! MY BAD!”

“I mean what was I thinking! This guy Skipper put it in so much blood, sweat, and heart into this game all behind a desk! You got it boss!”

“Let me take a step back and bow down to Skippy Bayless! All Hail the great Skipper! He def has my Hall of Fame Vote! Canton here we come!”

He then went on to challenge the ESPN commentator to a dual. I’m not kidding. Here’s the tweet.

“This is an Official Challenge to 1 on 1 full gear and full contact with Skip Bayless! Plus a full conditioning drill and weight lifting! … If I win he wears a 25 jersey and a dress plus makeup on his show, he wins he gets a full game check! I bet he won’t accept my challenge!!!”

If this ridiculousness alone doesn’t convince the NFL to end this lockout, they’re soul-less I tell you. Soul-less.

Look, we all know Reggie is stressed out about his future, and he’s got good reason to be. He could end up getting cut from the only pro-team he has known and making less money to boot. On the flip-side, he could stay with his team and still end up out of work if the lockout isn’t lifted. It’s a lot to deal with. With that said…

Grow up, Reggie. Part of being a professional athlete means being, you know, professional! You’ve got to resist the urge to wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re in the spotlight. Of course you’re going to get criticized and ridiculed. Of course you’ll take flack, but you’ve got to rise above it. If this is a ploy to get cut from the team, congrats! You’ve more than likely gotten the attention of the Saints’ coaches and management…but guess what? Bush just might be turning off coaches and general managers of prospective teams too.

I’ve always been in Bush’s corner, for his work ethic and his abs. So let’s keep this simple, Reggie. Shirtless, good! Computers, baaaaad!

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  1. Now there is some great analysis from a Chic’s perspective if I have ever seen it! Nicely stated there Nola Chick!

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