Notes On A Saints Game: Hit it and Quit It!

First and foremost…WHO DAT!!!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, WHO DAT!!

Okay, for real though. Football season for me never truly feels like football season until I see my Saints play. Even better than seeing them play is watching them crush the 49ers into tiny little pieces. Although, it’s not like anyone not on a heroine bender could have seen that game going any other way. So in honor of the Black and Gold’s triumphant return to the Superdome, I’ve decided to do a rare, preseason, special Saturday edition, of “Hit it and Quit it Tuesdays.” Let’s get it!

Hit it!
As if holding the 49ers to 3 points doesn’t say it all…I’ll just go ahead and sum up the blitzerific night Gregg Williams orchestrated before a ravenous hometown crowd
-The 49ers were 3/16 on third downs.
-Both of the 49ers quarterbacks combined for 127 yards and 2 INTS.
-The defense held the 49ers to 234 yards of total offense.
-Roman Harper redeemed himself in my eyes with a forced fumble and a couple nasty sacks on Alex Smith.
-The Defense ended the game with a total of 6 sacks. (Is that more than we had all last season?)

Quit it!
I know it’s just the first game and I know Drew will “do what he do” come time for real football, but is it wrong that 1/4 and 6 yards leaves me feeling a little empty inside?

Hit it!
Meanwhile, backup QB Chase Daniels was taking care of business! Man I feel good knowing there’s a guy like that hanging around in case of emergency. He even “got his Mike Vick on”, not in the puppy killing way but in the scrambling for a 20 yard run way.

Quit it!
I know, low blow on Mike Vick. He’s turned his life around, blah blah blah. I get it. It’s just so hard to resist sometimes.

Hit it!
I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to say “Reggie Who?” in light of Mark Ingram’s strong showing. But I will say that after that 14-yard scoring run up the middle, Ingram is poised to fill the “Baby Daddy” gap Reggie’s absence left behind.

Quit it!
The Saints failed to get a first down on their first three possessions. ICK!

Hit It!
Who the hell is Joe Morgan? That was the first question out of my mouth after spilling my beer while cheering for “some dude” running back a 78 yard punt to the end zone. That dude, Joe Morgan, is an undrafted free agent from a school called Walsh. (Hmm…do we spell another Marques Colston situation in the making…)

Overall, I can’t help but feel good about the show the Saints managed to put on. I always have faith in the offense, but it was that 2009 defense that led us to a championship and it was the defense that impressed me on Friday night. I know it’s waaay to early to know for sure what lies ahead, but I’m getting that old feeling again!

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