Chapter 6: Bitter Bucs Out for Blood? Screw Dat!

Watching the Bucs get their arses handed to them by the 49ers was indeed a San Francisco treat. But as a Saints fan, one can’t help but wonder if that means they’ll come out swinging twice as hard against the Black and Gold because they’re more motivated than ever to prove they’re legit. It’s a definite probability, but I ain’t scurred!

This is a division rivalry. If the Saints’ coaches are doing their jobs, this team should have been prepared for a tough battle with the Bucs long before they got a 48-3 ass whoopin’. Tampa Bay’s team believes it has a shot at winning the NFC South so you’d better believe the Bucs plan on pulling out all the stops. They’re young, scrappy and desperate for respect.

But here’s the thing: The Saints are the better team. Sure any given Sunday even the best team can lose. But on this upcoming Sunday, I believe the Saints will play with a heightened intensity of their own. They know they can take the division by its balls if they defeat the Bucs. Beyond that, they allowed the Bucs, a clearly inferior team, to defeat them on their home turf at the end of last season. And while the Saints are 4-1, they’re not exactly getting a lot of respect either.

Despite beating the Panthers, the Saints took a backseat in the headlines to Cam Newton and his NFC South coming out party. The defense has been taking a beating in the media, and rightfully so, for their cringe-worthy performances since week 1. They can use this game to make a statement, not just to the media and other teams in the league but to themselves, that they’ll be a legitimate threat in the playoffs without risking another “Seattle Situation”.

So yeah, the Bucs will be angry. They’ll play like they’ve got something to prove. But whatevs . Their “Curly Sue” quarterback can kiss it. We’re too talented to fear their anger. I’ve never heard of an angry squirrel striking fear in a hungry lion.

Angry squirrel aka Bucs

Angry Lion...aka Saints

Translation: Bring it!

Nola Chick’s Prediction:
Saints 27
Bucs 17

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  1. SBboundagain says:

    awe c’mon chica! only three touchdowns and two field goals?! what gives? Saints will have AT LEAST a touchdown per quarter and i’ll even throw in a three more field goals on top of that. Saints 37–bucs 21 (and i’m being Awful generous to the bucs)


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