Patriots vs. Cowboys: Last Minute Rain

One day the Patriots will play a game and I will not get ulcers while watching.  One day…

It was the Patriots against the Cowboys at home.  Tom Brady vs. Tony Romo.  Lots of offense, and hopefully a lot of good defense.

One out of two ain’t bad.  Good defense (surprisingly on both sides)… not so much good offense.  They traded field goals, then a touchdown each, another field goal apiece.  They also traded turnovers.  It was not a pretty game by far.  And the Patriots waited until the last possible minute to march down the field with spectacular plays and get the 7 points in the end.

Big players for the Patriots- Of course TB12 Tom Brady.  He had the patience and the leadership and helped the team get down the field on that last drive that lead to the winning touchdown.  Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski (as usual) for getting open and making great catches.  Wes Welker and Dieon Branch for their big catches and yards as well.  And that defense!  This is beginning to look like what a good D should!  Haynesworth had some plays, as did Spikes and Wilfork making that stop to keep the Cowboys to a FG- and Carter on the sacks!

My Wes got a touchdown to add to all his catches and yards!  He made the catch in the 2nd quarter, barely getting it over the line and inside the Pylons.  Coach Belichick had to challenge the call on the field (down at the 1-yd line) and he won.  Wes got the touchdown and put the Patriots up.  Too bad Jason Witten got a TD for the Cowboys on the next drive.

But that last drive was a thing of beauty.  Brady was flawless.  He connected with Welker, Woodhead, Hernandez… and finally Hernandez makes up for the 3rd Q fumble loss by catching Brady’s pass in the endzone.  Once again, Hernandez made it rain.  May not be the showiest of end-zone celebrations, but if it means points for the Patriots, I’ll take it!

The Dallas D looked pretty good most of the game, but they got roasted and toasted on that last drive.  They simply could not stop the Patriots, and the Patriots didn’t stop themselves either!

The Patriots didn’t roast the Cowboys over an open fire like I’d hoped, but they still won.  That’s all that matters at the end of the day.  The Patriots head into their bye week at 5-1 in a close AFC East division (well, except for Miami).

Rest up boys, the rest of the season awaits.

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