Chapter 7: Saints vs. Colts…Memba Us?

After last week’s…ahem…”incident”, we Saints fans could all use a happy place. So picture it, Miami Florida, February 7th, 2010. A team with a tortured past takes on the Goliath of the league. With the deck stacked against them, they come together to pull off one of the most magical wins in Super Bowl history.

That team of destiny was the New Orleans Saints. It was the Colts who helped to bring us to that happy place back in 2010 and they’ll turn our frowns upside down this Sunday, too. Sure it won’t be as big and drunken of a smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Of course, there are several noticeable differences between that game and this one. For one, ticket brokers aren’t selling seats for the cost of my first car. And then, there’s the other thing. That “dude” who made the first game so intimidating won’t be taking the field. The opportunity to play a Peyton Manning-less Colts team is the best thing that could happen to the Saints after losing a tough division battle last week. The defense can try to somehow get its swagger back against a young quarterback while the offense can shake off the stink of an equally piss poor performance against the Bucs in front of their home crowd. The Colts’ offense ranks second to last in total offense and the defense isn’t much better, coming in at 27th of the 32 teams in yards allowed per game.

Had the Saints not suffered such a blow to the Bucs last Sunday, this would have the makings of a classic trap game, particularly since the Colts have yet to win one. But the Saints are in a dogfight for top billing in the NFC South and the last thing they can do is overlook anyone at this point. Saints Coach Sean Payton, who is recovering from surgery after getting his knee busted up on the sidelines, certainly isn’t taking this one lying down. He’s been poring over the playbook and plotting out a way to help this team get back on track. His players have to admire his tenacity and I’m confident they’ll do what it takes on Sunday to return to their high scoring roots, blitz-heavy roots. And if they don’t…God help us all.

Nola Chick’s Prediction:

Saints 38
Colts 17

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