Saints vs. Colts: No Mercy



We all knew the Saints would or should dominate one of the worst teams in the league. Without Peyton Manning, the Colts are like a bird with no wings, just flopping around on the ground hoping not to get stepped on or eaten by a stray dog. Well, not only did they get trampled by the lowly Saints defense, but Drew Brees and his pack of hungry offensive studs finished the job by swallowing the Colts whole. While I guess we should have felt a little sorry for this poor, wounded little bird suffering such an ugly fate, the words of Drago from Rocky IV kept ringing in my head: “If he dies….he dies.”

We Saints fans have witnessed some pretty embarrassing losses by our team over the years. Several of them have been at the hands of Peyton Manning and the Indianpolis Colts, like back in 2007 when the two teams played in the home opener and the Colts won 41-10. Something tells me not too many folks were hopping on our pity train back then. After all, it’s Peyton Manning. What did we stupid Saints fans expect? Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I don’t feel a need to gloat about this record setting win. But I’m not going to feel bad about the way we won either. I won’t even feel bad about those shots of a dejected Peyton on the sidelines. Sorry, Manning. Suck it.

Last night, it hit home for me that the Saints are now “that team.” We’re the team that makes grown men and little chicks in training cry themselves to sleep because they can’t believe how bad their team loss. We’re the team that strikes fear in its opponents, because while they know the Saints can give up points, they also know that the Saints’ offense has the potential to look like a Madden game… the kind that ends with “someone” throwing a controller and breaking the TV like a whiny little douchebag. (You know who you are…)

Sunday night in the “Mercedes Benz Superdome” (because I’m legally obligated to type it that way) the Saints gave us fans the game we’ve been waiting for. They were clicking on all cylinders. There was Marques Colston’s magnificent, one handed catch in the end zone. Pierre Thomas scored on a long run after catching a pass in the backfield. Darren Sproles got a piece of the action, as it was clear his QB was in a giving mood. And of course, Jimmy Graham wouldn’t be denied not one but two touchdown passes at a point in the game when most Colts fans had probably already switched over to Nick at Nite.

Of course, it’s only fair that we talk about the other side of the ball. The defense not only capitalized on the Colts’ mistakes but they created opportunities by jumping routes and getting pressure on the quarterback. Hell, even Leigh Torrence got himself a spot in the highlight reel. This looked like the defense of 2009 and although they had an easy target, this game could go a long way in terms of building confidence for that beleaguered unit.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy a relaxing fourth quarter, instead of nervously biting my finger nails to see what Drew Brees would have to do to bail out the defense. My heart and my liver needed this “bye week”. Here’s hoping we can take this ass-kicking mentality and momentum into St. Louis leading up to the real bye week, with our division lead firmly in tact.

Who Dat!!

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  1. BarefootSaint says:

    Honestly… I am disappointed they didnt let Drew and crew play all 4 quarters. Imagine what the end result would have been! They may not have shown any mercy but pulling Drew in the 3rd quarter was like telling someone to stop beating a dead horse….. no pun intended 😛

  2. Man, I wish that pun was intended…

  3. BarefootSaint says:

    well you know… cant have a bunch of haters hunting me down… come on girl… I named my son drew… was the pun intended ?? UMMMM
    More than likely :)

  4. WhoDatChick says:

    My hangover has finally subsided from Sunday 😉 Good NIGHT, the Saints whipped that round horsey rump! My Dad lives in Houston since the storm and he knows our Snapper Shot per touchdown rule. He was counting them down and finally texted me, “Shit! You are either going to run out of alcohol or pass out before the end of the game!”

    That is the team we all know and love. They were on point at every position and having Sean up in the Birdie Box made his play calling that much better. I am looking forward to that team showing up again and again and again.

    @Barefoot Saint, we know the pun was intended and it was a fantastic pun. Had me laughing in my cube at work.


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