Bills shut out Redskins

Ohhh, 23-0 is such a beautiful score, especially when the Bills are on the winning side! The Bills recorded their first shut out since 2006 when they demolished the Redskins at home in Toronto this week.

Games with no points on one side of the board can be boring, yes, but this particular game was anything but dull. In fact, it’s the first time I actually KNEW we would win the game and I’ve never felt so relaxed. It was amazing. I even reclined on the couch for a bit instead of kneeling in front of the TV (or at the bar) a hyper jumble of bipolar energy.

This win was critical for so many reasons. My sanity. The Bills’ morale (and record). To sustain our tied position with New England in the division. To keep everyone who likes to not Billieve in the Bills off my back. The fact that the Bills pulled it off (and in such a big way!) is great (and necessary) momentum for going into Sunday’s game against the Jets.

So what sealed the deal?

  • Fitzmagic. Fitz certainly earned his keep during the first game under his extended contract with the team, recording 262 yards and two TDs.
  • The Bills defense was beyond efficient. They’ve struggled in getting to the quarterback all year but after their monster performance against the Skins, their sack number leaped from four to 13 after recording NINE sacks! I was excessively elated each time. Rookie Marcell Dareus can claim two-and-a-half of those sacks, as well as three QB hits. After failing to snatch a takeaway against the Giants (the first game all season) the D came away with two this week, one by George Wilson and one by Jairus Byrd. AND Spencer Johnson blocked a FG attempt?! It’s so encouraging to see the pass and run D in good working order and it’ll need to stay that way to stop the Jets on Sunday.
  • Freddy J being Freddy J. Watching him play makes me smile and overly excited because it’s just sheer beauty! The way he manages to find his way down the sideline for 40+ runs never gets old and the fact that he did that twice against Washington put the Bills in a points-making position both times.
  • Scott Chandler continued to act like more than a TE. Fitz hit him for two touchdowns. Again. The last time the Bills had a tight end that was this productive was Jay Riemersma. And that was a long time ago.
  • The entire receiving corps continued to be widespread, working together to make a catch here and a catch there. Freddy J had 74 receiving yards, Stevie Johnson had 57, David Nelson had 47, Scott Chandler had 35, Namaan Roosevelt had 22, Brad Smith had 18 and CJ Spiller had 9. It’s awesome that Fitz has such a large selection at his disposal.
  • Rian Lindell hit two of this three FG attempts to help a Bills win become inevitable.

The Redskins tried to put up a fight, with QB John Beck finding his way down the field and into Bills territory a few times and London Fletcher (oh how I miss him!) popping up everywhere, but it just wasn’t enough. Wow, it’s so odd to say that so often this season! I love it.


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  1. I must say this was a beautiful birthday present! Not only did they shut out the Redskins for a 23-zip win! They also change the tide on their record for the Toronto series for their 1st win in TO (Toronto).
    I am looking forward to this Jets game …I think that will be a true tell for the direction we will go for the rest of the season.
    I hope my Bills Peeps can make it to the Bills / Dallas game week 10. We are going to truly show Dallas fans the Bills fan BILL-IEVE … see you in Dallas!

  2. Watching the Bill is exciting again. They encourage pride in every Bills fan that for the last decade has been forced to bear the painful disappointment of a (and this is being nice) lack-luster season. The best part is that the Bills are playing good football. Plain and simple. Billevers and non-Billevers alike can appreciate that.
    A question though: Players are stepping up their game. Why isn’t Spiller?

    I heard R. Wilson is sold out!!! Let’s Go Buffalo!

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