Quit It and Quit It and QUIT IT!: A Late Tuesday Edition

I’m still pissed about the Saints’ ridiculous loss to the Rams on Sunday…and not just the fact that they loss but how they loss. Therefore, I’ve resurrected the “Hit It and Quit It franchise for a very special, unladylike remix. And away we gooo…

Quit It!
So when Drew Brees gets sacked 6 six times, is it safe to say the offensive line would have done better to skip the game and just slip a couple of straight-edged razors into their QB’s pocket to ward off opponents? I mean, what the hell was that? Saints offensive linemen Carl Nicks had the nerve to go off on the line’s coach during the game in the wake of the dismal performance. If he really wanted to show his passion, he should have gone one step further and screamed at himself, then punched he and his fellow linemen in the face.

Quit It…Again!
Speaking of Drew Brees…I let you off the hook a lot, Breesy. You always get Nola Chick’s benefit of the doubt. But even if I were to forgive you for your costly interception that led to a pick six in the fourth quarter, I can’t forgive you for not lighting a fire under your team’s asses at ANY point in the game. There was no excitement…no sense of urgency…just a flat football fail!

You’re the face of this franchise. You’re the leader. It all begins and ends with you. Coach Payton can’t be on the sidelines digging in their asses so we have to rely on you to get your squad in the game. You don’t have to get all Phillip “Cry me a Rivers” about it but a little more “Mustafa” and a little less “Simba” when the chips are down might go a long way to change momentum. Just sayin…

Quit It…On the Reals!
Who is the conspirator that stole our playbook and replaced it with a watered down, generic, caffeine-free version? Run Ivory…Run Ivory…toss to Sproles. Run Ivory…Run Sproles…Toss to Graham. Where are the trick plays? Where is that 2009 set of kahunas that kept defensive coaches reaching for a bottle of Tums? We’ve gone vanilla. Bring back that offensive sexual chocolate!!

Quit It: This Time, It’s Personal!
I’m starting to wonder if even I could run for over 100 yards against the Saints’ defense?
Look, I realize Stephen Jackson is a good running back but come on!! He’s not exactly in the prime of his career. I’m sick of us letting no-namers and old fogeys rack up new footage for their highlight reels. If we can’t stop the run, we’re going to make every mediocre offense we play look like something out of a Madden game.

l Wish I Knew How to Quit You!
In spite of how angry you’ve made me with your lackluster, embarrassing suck-fest in St. Louis, I’ll still be there for you this Sunday. I believe you’ve learned your lessons and I refuse to accept you’ll piss me off two weeks in a row by dropping one to the Bucs. Don’t let me down Saints. Oh, and sorry I had to be so mean to you on your birthday…

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  1. Can I get an A-MEN!!?? Whew that game stunk up the joint so bad I can still smell it.

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