Saints vs FAILcons: How Sweet It Is to Be Loathed By You

If we Saints fans didn’t hate the Falcons so much, we’d probably feel sorry for them. After all, it has to suck to have your own dome taken over by chants of a rival team. It must sting to watch the Who Dat Nation second-line around your stadium, year…after year…after year. It’s gotta hurt to see Drew Brees make himself at home in the Georgia Dome so often, in a way that could best be described as a hated neighbor taking a dump in your toilet, after eating all your food and before hunching your wife in your bed. Yes my friends, I’d imagine it’s gotta suck to be a Falcons fan on days like today.

Thankfully, we hate them way too much to feel any empathy. In fact, their tears are food to my soul.

I was fortunate enough to be inside the Georgia Dome to witness the Saints get the best of the Falclowns in yet another nail-biter. While I fully believed the Saints would pull through, I never thought that when it was all said and done I’d have the Falcons head coach to thank. I get why he went for it on 4th down on the Saints end of the field in overtime. After all, big players make big plays in big games. Unfortunately for him, it was the Saints’ defense playing the role of “big players making big plays”…and what a hell of a time for them to do it!

Of course, we can’t give Coach Smith all the credit for Sunday’s win. The defense had actually done a great job (up until the 4th quarter) of containing the Falcons and getting them off the field. Marques Colston came away with some clutch catches, as did baby daddy Jimmy Graham.

Sadly, we couldn’t run the ball for squat! My mind continues to be boggled by our frequent attempts to run Darren Sproles up the gut. It ain’t happening. He’s a finesse player. Let’s leave the heavy lifting to Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram, shall we?

I’m so thankful we have a bye week. I need the time to recuperate from all the celebrating and taunting. The Saints are exactly where they need to be at this point of the season, perched atop the NFC South.

Hey Dirty Turds…what’s the view like from down there??

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