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I want to be over it. This is not going to be a long rant about how the Jets went out and shat the bed on Sunday night, basically dashing any hopes of winning the division or getting the Wild Card most of us assumed they’d snag at the beginning of the season.

Rather, this is an assessment of things I’ve learned about myself and the Jets since the Ryan regime has been in Floral Park/Hempstead.

1. I don’t like people who don’t back up their talk with action. On more occasions than I can count, Rex Ryan has come out here and promised me and people like me that things will be different. By different, I see that he meant just enough over mediocre to think they will do something other than lose, only to…LOSE. I’ve seen this before-cue the 2010 and 2011 AFC Championship Games.

2. The players are talented, but they don’t seem focused. They sure do make a lot of mental errors. Stupid blunders and bad plays. On things they should have learned to do in Pop Warner. You know like wrapping up when they tackle? Or, you know, not committing penalties to the tune of 6.6 per game? Yeah things like that.

3. I’m a glutton for punishment. Sometime yesterday, I realized that I have spent the past 30 years rooting for these freaks. That’s probably longer than some of you have been alive. They have given me no reason to continue to do so, but just like that kid who gets nothing for Christmas but still believes in Santa, just to get nothing for Christmas the next year? That’s what it feels like to be a Jets fan these days.

I’m trying to be a better person and manage my anger effectively, but rooting for the Jets isn’t helping. Since Rex Ryan took over, they have had two strangely mediocre seasons, and two playoff runs that ended with an AFC Championship defeat. Considering their past, this should be a good thing, but all it really does is remind the fans that some things will never change.

I can’t even get into what happened on Sunday night. They came in winners of three in a row. In position to take first in the division and limped out of their own house defeated, dejected and with an extremely short week to prepare for a game against Tebow Christ. Yeah. Good luck with that.

It ain’t ever been easy being green. Looks like it’s going to continue that way. Pray for me. Please. I’m about to order more Jets gear (it’s on sale!) and figure out how to talk myself into watching on Thursday night.

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