5 Things This NFL Chick is Thankful For

5. It’s the “Harbaugh Bowl” and Not the “Ryan Bowl”lure them to the darkside.

When Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 9-1 San Francisco 49ers, takes on his brother John Harbaugh, coach of the 7-3 Baltimore Ravens, I’m almost certain at no point in the game will I be tempted to throw a turkey leg at either one of them. The same can’t be said for the attention seeking Ryan brothers, Rex and Rob. The Harbaugh brothers look like they were the captains of their high school football teams. The Ryan brothers look like they ate their high school football teams. But beyond being better eye candy, the Harbaugh brothers somehow resisted the urge to make this week all about them, despite the media’s best efforts to

4. The Lions Might Not Suck (as Bad)
Nothing makes me want to spit up my stuffing like watching the Lions get walloped every Thanksgiving. But this year, not only do they have a shot to win, but they have a chance to (at least temporarily) quell some of the Packers hype. All we can really hope for is that this year, we don’t have to suffer through 3 quarters of the Lions trying to rally back from being down 30. Then again, it does present an opportune time to get in a nap before my second helping…

3. Cool $hit
This has been an AMAZING season for Chicks in the Huddle. We started the season by taking part in the NFL’s “Fit For You Campaign”. Then we were nominated by Shape Magazine as one of the Best Sports Blogs for Women. Coming soon, we’ll have a pretty cool partnership going on with one East Coast team known for having some of the most rabid female fans in all the land! (Stay tuned…)

2. My Team
I love me some New Orleans Saints. No really, I LOVES ME SOME NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! I can’t imagine being a fan of any other team in this league. What makes my fandom even more fabulous is when the team is having a year like this one. The Saints will come out of the bye week perched atop the NFC South. If they stay healthy, we’ll be sitting pretty going into the playoffs. (Look out Lambeau, here we come…again!)

1. Puttin’ a Ring On It
I fully expect the Saints to win the Super Bowl this season. But guess what? Roger Goodell won’t be the only one “puttin’ a ring on it.” Nola Chick is getting hitched! And, despite my best efforts to circumvent certain restraining orders, it won’t be to a Saints player. In fact, it will be to the one dude who won my heart without ever having to suit up for a game in the Superdome. Can you believe he’s actually made peace with a lifetime of watching me act like a maniac on Sundays in the Fall? Bless his heart…

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