Can the Saints Stomp the Lions…Suh Style?

We’re at that crucial part of the season where every game has certain playoff implications. One loss can cost you a division title. One loss can cost you a bye week. One loss can cost you home field advantage. One loss can push Nola Chick into a 4 hour drinking binge. These are tense days, to say the least.

The Saints can make this a December to remember by keeping up their winning streak. They’ve won their last three games since stinkin’ it up in St. Louis, including that anal wax they gave the New York Giants on Monday. Up next on their slaughter tour, those lowly Lions from Detroit; A matchup of two teams going in two very different directions.

The Lions started the season on fire! I actually believed they had a chance to beat the Packers…at least up until a few weeks ago. But ever since their week 5 win against the Bears, they’ve been inconsistent, sloppy and some of them are in desperate need of anger management and a stilleto to the sack. (I’m looking at you, dude with weird name!) While I’m sure no one expects them to lay down and die at the altar of Drew Brees on Sunday night, I also wouldn’t at all be surprised if Brees-bot made a triumphant return. After all, we all know he just loves prime time games. He’s like some sort of football vampire. When the sun goes down, the Brees (bot) comes out.

We’ll have the good fortune of facing the Lions without their star defensive player…you know, the “dude with weird name” I referenced earlier. As you know, Ndamukong Suh is in a league mandated time out for “catching his balance” by stomping his 50 pound foot into the arm of a Green Bay Packers player on Thanksgiving. I worried about what kind of pressure a player like that could put on Drew Brees. Now, my biggest Suh related concern is that he’s so insane, he’ll sneak into the Superdome dressed as a villain from one of the Batman movies and try to snap the neck of an offensive linemen…and not necessarily a Saints’ lineman. Point is, he’s bat-shit crazy, folks.

I have confidence that the Saints’ defense is up to the challenge of not necessarily stopping but at least containing Calvin Johnson. Oh sure, he’ll get a few plays in for the highlight reel but if the Saints’ offense can get a good early lead, Stafford will be forced to make some bad decisions…the kind that makes Saints defensive coach Gregg Williams get all tingly inside.

So to answer the question I posed as the title of this post, YES, the Saints absolutely can stomp all over the Lions. But don’t expect a replay of the Giants game. We’ll have a solid game, give up a few big plays, but ultimately walk away with the win.

Nola Chick’s Prediction:
Saints 31
Lions 20

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