Aaron Rodgers Woos Grandmas

There’s something about Green Bay. It’s special. Really, really special. Take this scenario for example:

A few weeks ago, my dad sent me the link for the amazingly hilarious Aaron Rodgers Associated Bank commercials that were gaining popularity in Green Bay. Living in Minneapolis, all I get to see are the lousy save the stadium ads, and this was a comical relief that was both refreshing and so typically Green Bay. In this commercial, there’s a little old lady who’s gifted time with Aaron for working with the bank. She’s so cute; she loves him in a sort of star-struck, but I’m also a matriarch and want to take care of you kind of way. She’s the quintessential Green Bay grandma.

It wasn’t until weeks later when I read an article by the company who created the commercial and realized that my cousins works for the company and the inspiration actually my great aunt. The, like most Green Bay grams, is a huge fan and if she had the chance to meet Aaron, she’d probably sit him down, ask him when he was going to meet a nice young lady, and make him a batch of cookies.

I know this seems small town to some of you bigger city fans, but that’s what’s so great about Green Bay. Everyone is involved in everyone’s world, and we all care about our players, like we care about our own.

I hope you enjoy the commercials as much as I have. They’re certainly enjoyable.

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