NFL 2012, you are finally here

The new season is officially here! As soon as I woke up on Monday after the Super Bowl, I rejoiced. NFL 2011, peace out. I’d say it’s been nice but I’d be lying. It was kind of nice for a little bit and then it got really bad, really fast, and I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered. I’m ready for a fresh start and positive change.

But all that is a long way off. A little more than a month until free agency chatter heats up, two months-ish until the draft, then three months-ish until preseason gets into full swing–what to do until then?!

With few specifics to comment on yet, here are 8 general things I’m looking forward to about NFL 2012.

1) Getting my favs back. I’ve seriously felt a deep sense of despair, heartache and gloom ever since Freddy J got injured. I’m not even being dramatic, I was devastated. I’m also pumped that Lindell will be back in action since he just signed a new multi-year contract; there was something so wrong about Moorman and him being separated. If Stevie Johnson re-signs, life will be right.

2) Seeing how Fitz progresses. He’s already full of awesomeness and confidence and leadership and strength and everything you’d want in a quarterback, plus he has a great beard, and he can only get better. With the hiring of David Lee, who has a track record that speaks for itself (Tony Romo, Chad Pennington’s injury recovery), I feel positive about this new relationship.

3) A former Bill, Pete Metzelaars, in the mix. As the newly hired tight ends coach, he’ll be working with Scott Chandler (if he re-signs with Buffalo) and that can only mean good things. Chandler proved his worth early on in the season and the way he plays seems like it would work well with how Metzelaars used to play (I don’t actually remember much of that). Strength at every offensive position is kind of a staple of Fitz’s style.

4) Seeing if the offensive line gets strengthened. The O-line was, without a doubt, far better this season than the season before when I questioned if it was getting the correct kick-off time or perhaps was existing in a different time zone. Fitz had much more time in the pocket this season and Freddy J was able to produce some impressive runs. But in my opinion, that line can never be strong enough, so will a real playmaker join the ranks? Time shall tell.

5) Moving back to a 4-3 defense. When Chan Gailey was first hired he reverted to a 3-4 (remember the Bruce Smith years?) but we’ve seen how that’s worked out. I think it’s indicative of Gailey’s devotion to making Buffalo a winning team that he’s switching again. Whatever it takes!

6) Draft rumors. I don’t pay THAT much attention to the draft because I hate being disappointed when A) The Bills miss out on a pick they were eyeing or B) A hyped up draftee doesn’t live up to the hype, but I’m down to read through all the scenarios and speculation. Really, what else is there to do when you need your spring football fix?

7) New Bills apparel. The Victoria’s Secret in Buffalo has to be coming out with new underwear designs sometime.

8.) Football. I just want to watch good, quality, doesn’t-break-your-heart-every-game, I-can-act-like-a-fool-because-I’m-so-happy football. It’ll happen.


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  1. Great article. Hard to find a woman that loves football and is as knowledgeable about football as you. And then a woman that roots for the Buffalo Bills and not the Cowboys or Packers…extremely hard to find. You are going to make some man extremely happy if you aren’t already.

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