Thoughts on Round 1 of 2012 NFL Draft: Meh…

For the first time in a long time, the NFL draft bored me. In fact, I was annoyed that I chose to watch the draft live and DVR Community instead of the other way around. In truth, my team didn’t have any picks in the first round so it’s not like I had an emotional investment in what was going down. But even beyond that, this year’s draft seemed to lack some of the dramatic story lines and shocking moments I’ve come to look forward to.

We all knew the top 2 picks. No controversy there. It was Andrew Luck to the Colts and Robert Griffin III to the Redskins. But remember a few years ago when the Texans shocked everyone, taking Mario Williams as the first pick with Reggie Bush going to the Saints at #2? That my friends, was the kind of draft-sanity I can get behind…and not just because I’m a Saints fan!

What about the 2007 draft when we witnessed quarterback Brady Quinn giving the stink-eye for what felt like an eternity when he didn’t get picked in the top ten. He was even caught mouthing “They’ll be sorry” when Miami passed on him with the 9th overall pick. Classic! This year, it was like watching the Oscars: nothing but politically correct head nods and claps for the camera. BOOO!!!

There were just 3 running backs picked in the first round and a bunch of trades for draft order changes. I guess that’s something. Oh…and RGIII’s socks didn’t disappoint.

Still about midway in, I decided to DVR the draft and catch up on my sitcoms. A Law and Order themed episode of Community had my name written all over it.

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