Sean and Beth Payton…The Way We Were

2012 has been a bit off to a sucky start for us Saints fans, but not even the lowest of our lows can compare to the never-ending Suck-Fest Saints Coach Sean Payton seems to be trapped in. First, he lost his job coaching on the sidelines for the upcoming season as punishment for the bounty scandal. Now, he’s losing his wife.
Sean and Beth Payton filed for divorce
last month in Texas. The coach has apparently already packed his bags and moved out of their Dallas home. Which begs the question: Did this dude piss off a voodoo priestess or something?

I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting Beth Payton about four years after her husband joined the Saints. I profiled her regarding her work for Coach Payton’s “Play It Forward Foundation.” Beth played an integral role in forming the foundation and organizing its annual “Black and Gold Gala”. She struck me as a feisty broad who didn’t take any shit. Which would explain why she’s playing hardball with Sean in this divorce. According to a counter-petition to the original divorce filings, Beth wants sole custody of their two children and the exclusive rights to make medical, legal and education decisions on their behalf.

Beth met Coach Payton during his coaching tenure at Indiana State University. As newlyweds, they shared a tiny apartment and survived off a meager income. During my interview with Beth, she talked about their early years and the squabbles they would get into, like a fight outside of Bed Bath and Beyond. Sean apparently could care less about all the knick knacks she was pointing out to furnish their place. She also talked about how those early struggles made their relationship stronger and made them better equipped to deal with their eventual success.

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    But it appears that years of traveling, sharing your husband with an entire city, and rumors about certain Harrah’s cocktail waitresses may have gotten the better of the couple. It’s too bad, too. They were smoking hot together.

    July 11 would have marked their 20th anniversary.

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