Obviously, the Cowboys Are Super Bowl Bound

It’s week 1. Tony Romo had a decent game. The Cowboys defeated the defending Super Bowl champs. What better time than the present to, in the words of the great Dennis Green, “crown their asses”? After all, they’ve been declared Super Bowl contenders in years past having accomplished much less.

Yes, I’m being a sarcastic schmuck. Still, I realize it would be foolish not to commend Dallas’ team for making a major statement in the NFL opener. They marched into New York and embarrassed Eli and company on a night that was supposed to be ALL Giants, ALL the time. Even though the game started painfully slow, it was the Cowboys who first caught a whiff of momentum and never let up. Who would have thunk it, seeing as how the Giants should have had the overwhelming momentum edge from start to finish, given all the fanfare. They watched their freakin’ Super Bowl banner drop. The new host of Live! with Kelly and Michael was in their stadium for goodness sake!!! But all the “pregame pomp” aside, the Giants did what we’ve seen them do so often, year in and year out. They came out flat.

The Giants are to slow starts as the Cowboys are to late-season meltdowns. Is anyone else starting to think these two teams script it this way? The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to get a true idea of what either of these teams are all about until it REALLY matters. Still, that won’t stop the Cowboys hype-machine from cranking into full gear. The pundits will be making out with silver and blue stars from sun up to sun down. We may as well call of the rest of the season, for in the eyes of many, the king of the NFC has already been crowned! #gagging

For those of us who choose to not drink the Kool-aid, we can still appreciate the fact that this team looks better and more polished than we’ve seen in a while. But that’s all I got for ’em. As far as this chick’s concerned, they’ll have to earn their redemption the hard way, just like all the mere mortals of the league.

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  1. GO COWBOYS… We can do it!

  2. Love that fightin’ spirit, Lo

  3. Thanks Nola, I’m glad to be able to have a place to go and root for my team! :-). (Cowboys fan since I was 5 and now since I’ve got married a recent Panthers fan ) none of my co -workers are into football so the think I’m crazy during the season lol.

    Thank you for giving us “chicks in the huddle” a place to feel welcome

  4. Yesterday was by far the happiest and most blissful day of my life. Starting off the season 1-0 with a statement win over the reigning Super Bowl champs? Yeah, I’ll take it.

  5. Yeah, y’all had a lot of Giants fans washing down xanax with vodka on Wednesday night, no doubt!

  6. Lmbo hilarious , pretty sure it was some messed up Giants fans out there.

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